Road to Revolution

By: Eric Strzyzewski


Do you know the real history about the colonies? The events that took place before the fight for freedom? Because if you don't than my presentation will be just right for you. First I will teach you about Samuel Adams, then the Sugar Act, then the Boston Tea Party, then the Boston massacre and last I will teach you about the Minutemen.

Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams was an important part of the time period because he was the leader of the

Sons of Liberty and they spoke out against Britain. Samuel Adams was a very skilled writer and was determined and rebellious to speak out against Britain. Samuel Adams also wrote in the paper so he could speak his opinion about the British and everyone would see it.

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The Sugar Act

When Britain put a tax on sugar that the colonists bought. The Quartering act came before the sugar act and the stamp act followed the sugar act. The consequence to the protest of the sugar act was the stamp act. Important people in this event was the Colonists and King George the 3rd. King George is important because he put the tax on the sugar and the colonists are a big part because they had to buy the sugar. The king put a tax on sugar and stamps were because he needed to make up debt that he had.

The Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party was when colonists got on ships that had chests of tea on and they threw them off the ship and the tea was property of Britain. The event before the Boston tea party was The Committee of Correspondence and the intolerable act followed the tea party. I think that the intolerable acts were made because the king was mad at the colonists for dumping over 300 chests of tea in to the ocean and not paying for it.
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The Boston Massacre

The Boston Massacre was when colonists were protesting in the capitol and British troops fired at them and killed 5 colonists. This happened while the boycotts were going on and just following was The Committee of Correspondence. I also think that the intolerable came after this because the colonists got out of control when 5 of them got shot. Important people in this event were the colonists and the British soldiers. When the soldiers went in for trail for the killing of 5 colonists the soldiers were ruled not guilty of man slaughter.
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This was a group of guys who got together to fight against the British. 1/3 of the men were Minutemen and were trained to be able to react at any minute. The militia was very important because they eventually won the colonies freedom over Britain. If the colonies wouldn't have worked and fought hard we wouldn't be free today.
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In the beginning when the colonies were being established the British were being unfair by putting a high tax on sugar and with all the hard work that the colonies did like protesting , they eventually won their freedom over Britain. One thing that gets overlooked today is how important the militia was because with out them we wouldn't be a free country. So when you think of America, think of the militia.

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