CTS Snapshot


Welcome to our CTS Snapshot - a weekly celebration update. We are delighted to share with parents and carers alike student triumphs at Corby Technical School. We are proud of every student and every success they have - please feel free to share with us any achievements they might have.

Snapshot News:

Below is some amazing Art work completed by our extremely talented Art students. We are so very proud of these talented young people.

Also pictured is work completed by Year 7 students in their co-curricular club using modelling wire.

Top Lesson Stars

Students receive lesson stars where a teacher feels a student has made an excellent contribution in their lesson. Some students receive multiple lesson stars across the week, below are the students who have received the most stars for each year group this week:

Year 7:

Kailyn 7CA, Joanna 7TA, Rares 7SW, Emily 7CO, Lara 7TE, Layla 7TA, Tyler 7TA, Reva 7CA, Ole 7TE and Amy 7TA.

Year 8:

Chloe 8ST, Dylan 8ST, Matthew 8ST, Roman 8CA, Shae 8ST, Ava 8ST, Penny 8ST and Arina 8TA.

Year 9:

Izabela 9CO and Theo 9ST.

Year 10:

Tearlach 10CO, Denisa 10CO, Nikodem 10CA, Ellie 10TA, Sai 10ST, Oscar 10TA and Israel 10TE.

Year 11:

Adrian 11ST, Aidan 11TE, Andrew 11TE, Katie 11CA, Rebekah 11ST, Adrijus 11TE, Sunny 11TE, Rio 11TE and Dominik 11TE.

Year 12:

Dylan and Lee 12A.

Subject Highlights:


Mrs Ferns would like to say well done to her Year 11 Maths groups who have had Maths assessments this week, they continue to work hard for their final paper in Week 8. Well done!

Mr Lee has nominated Year 9 student Neva for making fantastic progress with our unit of work on probability. Year 10 students Tye, Shamiso, Zofia, Alicja, Dagan, Nela, Louis, Bradley, Beth and Amelia for consistently fantastic work in Maths and Year 11 students Jermaine and Lukas for their continued focus and commitment to their revision during their intervention sessions.


Year 7

Miss Patrick would like to celebrate the whole of 7TA who have done excellently in composing their pop music pieces. In particular, Tyler O who created an accomplished and stylistic bass riff.

Year 8

Miss Patrick would like to celebrate Penny, Leah and Shae 8ST for working so hard on their drumming technique. She would also like to mention that she was really impressed with the whole class performance at the end of the lesson, particularly how well everybody managed to stay in time!

Year 9

Miss Orestano (our visiting Music Tech teacher from NMPAT) would like to celebrate how impressed she has been with Kent (9SW) this term. He has really committed himself to the lessons this term and has been super engaged in the lessons and asked lots of brilliant questions. She wants to let him know that she is really proud of his hard work so far this term.


Miss Graziano has nominated the following this week:

10ESp1 who have worked incredibly hard on their revision and assessments in Spanish for this term and Miss Graziano is really proud of their efforts and progress.

Lara, Kevin, Ole, Finley, Finn and Declan (7TE) for working super hard on their Spanish revision and helping others.

Mrs Sahota has nominated the following students in 7TA for their consistent good behaviour, focus and continued hard work in Spanish: Aleksandra, Joanna, Kirat, Ruby, Mia, Dani, Layla, Ugne, Tyler, Nikola and Amy. In 9CA, for their super effort and hardwork in achieving good results in their Spanish reading assessment: Ksenija, Kirsten, Jana, Jess, Adam, Falun, Cameron H, Millie, Alicia Cameron B, Dawa, Danilis and James. In Year 10 for their great marks achieved in their recent Spanish reading assessment: Cameron B, Annareka, Jenna, Sai, Naomi Alexander, Dwayne, Bhanu and Dawid. Keep up the effort and great work!


Ms Hallybone has nominated Year 10 student Leon for an outstanding Romeo and Juliet essay in English.

Mrs Rice has nominated 8A1 for their excellent informative leaflets.

Mrs Brown would like to nominate her Year 10 students who completed an assessment comparing two texts. A big well done to the whole class with special mention to: Alex P, Alex C, Chloe S, Beth S, Marshall M, George S, Josie Y.

Year 8 have been discussing the great gender debate. Well done for great ideas and sensitive discussion to Tyler S, Roman G, Kacper L and Mihai D.

Miss Lodge has made the following nominations this week:

9AZ for their fantastic reading of The Crucible. Miss Lodge has been really impressed by their commitment and focus when reading the text.

8C2 have been writing persuasive speeches this week. Special mentions to Greta, Nana, Gretil, Caden C and Omayer for their excellent work.

10AP1 have been continuing to perform their speeches, special mentions to Naomi, Dagan, Aimee, Jason, Louis and Dawid for performing this week and working so hard on their speeches! Miss Lodge is so proud of their hard work!

Miss Magnay has nominated the following students this week:

Year 10 English for performing their speeches over the last couple of weeks. They have worked very hard on these and their speeches have been fantastic to watch. Reva, Trafford, Thomas, Patryk, Emily, Logan R, Luke, Blanka, Judah, Paddy, and Lois (7CO) for their brilliant contributions to their lessons focusing on creative writing. Mia, Ashton, Hermione, and Logan (7TA) for their excellent focus and great notes in their books. Year 9 English for the fantastic discussions they have had about characters and themes in 'The Crucible' with a special mention to Sarah, Rhema, Mya, Seth, and Emma for their consistent hard work!

Year 8 students Arina, Cole, Lucy, and Toby R for contributing fantastic ideas every lesson.


Mrs Vaghadia has made the following nominations this week:

Year 10 Sociology students for working super hard and producing excellent work this week. Year 11 Sociology students working extremely hard in preparation of their exams and staying focused in the lessons.

7SI for creating excellent pieces of pop art. Kevin (7TE) for his excellent contribution and responses in the English lesson.

9ST, 9TA and 9CA for their excellent contribution to the RSCS lessons and taking an active role in the lessons.

Miss Gilbert has nominated Anthony (7CU) for consistently contributing to Geography lessons with answers and new interesting ideas and concepts. Also nominated are

Miranda and Josh B (8TE) for showing consistent commitment to Geography throughout the term, and providing well written longer answers and finally, Chanel J and Kian G (9ST) for completing a well written longer answer about the types of soil in Geography this week.

Mr Strumpher has nominated the following groups this week:

Myrtle, Isla, Jonathan and Dylan (9TA) for their hard work and dedication in Geography.

Esosa, Mariyah, Omayer, Jake, Thomas, and Kenzie (8SW) and Stas, Dominic, Izabella, Ollie and Todd (8CO) for their hard work in Geography.

Year 10 students Alicja M, Alfie H, Daria D, Cameron, Saul, Beth, Shamiso, Daisy, Markus, Samuel A, Leila P, Michal, Dwayne and Bhanu for their hard work in Geography.


Miss McGrath has nominated her Year 10 combined Science class for their really hard work and great questions when revising biology this week. Also nominated are 7TA for super determination when completing some difficult science questions.

Mr Godfrey would like to nominate the Year 11 students who attended the revision sessions this week for their dedication and great attitude.


Mrs Morgan would like to say well done to 7TA, students who brought their favourite chocolate bars into school to draw and then eat! A selection of these are pictured above.


Mrs Firmin has nominated her Year 11 Food students for their excellent effort and outcomes and who enjoyed their first foray into the food room this year! It was really enjoyable to all be back in there actually cooking again, and Mrs Firmin is really looking forward to seeing what they cook in their assessment this coming week. She is very confident that they will all do a fantastic job.

Year 10 food stars this week have been Leila, Courtney, Denisa, Tearlach, AJ, Brandon S, Dagan, and Daniel and In Year 9 DT Emma P, Harvey and Mason all made very good contributions to class discussion.

Mrs Firmin worked with 8TA for Art this week and they really impressed with their effort and the work they produced – it was especially nice to see Sienna and Courtney working very well, and Greta produced a stunning drawing.

Student Voice:

Miss Jenkins and Miss Vaghadia would like to thank all of the students who have taken part in the student voice consultation on the new RSE curriculum this week. Your Heads of Year have fed back to us and we have been so impressed with your ideas and have been very proud of the maturity you have all shown.

Latest News:

Marcus Rashford has teamed up with the chef Tom Kerridge to promote healthy affordable home cooking. Its called ‘Full Time’ and each Sunday Morning on Instagram he is going to release a recipe with videos about how to make it. As a school we would like to get behind this and support it by inviting staff and students to send pictures of their creations and we will highlight these each week.

Miss Buffini has made the dish below as part of the healthy challenge, well done, it looks delicious!

Big picture

Assembly Music:

Please click the link to see this week’s assembly music that was on the theme of ‘Democracy’: https://youtu.be/ls-I9IGQ1yk


  • Monday 3rd May is a Bank Holiday, school will be closed and will reopen Tuesday 4th May.
  • Please ensure all students have face masks for use at school.