England is a part of the United Kingdom. And has many interesting cities like Londen, Manchester or Liverpool. England has a queen: Elizabeth. Her son is Charles, his son is William and his son is George. England has many good soccer clubs and some are playing in the Champions League. In England people are speaking English. Not a suprise. The lands next to England are Scotland, Wales, Ireland and North Ireland.

London is the capital of England. In Londen drives the very popular red busses. There are attractions you must visit like the Tower Bridge, the Big Ben and the London eye. If the queen is on holiday you can visit the Buckingham palace. Also you can visit the British museum.

There are many things to do in England. You can go to Londen or to Manchester or Liverpool. maybe you want to visit Birmingham. Also you can taste the meals of the English Kitchen or you can go to the Houses of Parliament. In Liverpool you can visit the studio of the Beatles.

Holiday blog

Day 1

I hope i have a nice holiday!

I go fly at 1 o’clock but i arrived at the airport at 11 o’ clock

Im in England at five o’ clock

I arrive in Liverpool Hotel at 6 o’ clock and im going to eat in the Bistro at the coast

Tonight have i vistited the Wheel of Liverpool, I have seen all of the city from the wheel.

Later i having to sleep and the next day comes.


This day is a nice day in Liverpool.

At 10 o’ clock have i go to the studio of the beatles.

The beatles are worldwide famous witch his songs.

Music listening at the studio of the beatles is 1 great experience.

At eleven o’ clock go i to the harbour.

I go make a drought at the harbour of Liverpool

At the end of the afternoon.

i take a car to Londen and at the end of the evening i have to arrive at the Hotel.



I having to take the popular red buses at the hotel.

I let me drive to the Tower bridge and this famous place was amazing the Thames going fast and the time also and at the London Wheel we see the Buckingham palace and i have going to them and all that things make a amazing day in Londen but the week-end is at the end and i have going to the airport at the evening and i have arrived at 11 o’ clock at Schiphol.

That was my travel, i have do it with Rick Deuzeman, Ruben Schiphorst.

Some Food

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