victoria falls



Victoria falls is the most beautiful place in the world if you want a vacation to remember, you need to be here. Victoria falls is the best vacation because there are so many activities you can do like bungee jumping, hiking, and camping Anywhere you want.

bungee jumping

Victoria falls is a great place because of all the things you can do. You can bungee jump off of the Victoria bridge it may be scary but it is fun believe me I’ve been there. Steve Harvey recently went bungee jumping in Africa and said it was scary but he liked it.

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The hiking is amazing. Research shows that you will have more fun hiking than you will have doing anything else. You would rarely be doing nothing. Wouldn’t you like to have fun then do nothing.


Finally there is the camping. If you are a camp enthusiast you will not want to miss Victoria falls. More people camp then stay in hotels in any other place. Any time


As you can see Victoria falls is a amazing place you will have lots of fun I encourage you to come and experience this awesome place you will not be sorry