Clarks Creek Staff News

Dec. 7 - 11, 2015

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Clarks Creek students have PRIDE!

Ensuring that ALL students carry themselves with pride and confidence beyond our doors as honorable, skillful learners and thinkers, ready to enrich our world.
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Dear Staff,

While it's such a joyful time of year for so many, with the recent tragedies in Paris and San Bernadino, we have some students arriving to school who may be fearful about things they have heard about and may be concerned that a similar situation may happen to them. While it's not an appropriate thing to bring up the horrors we've witnessed on the news to students, it's important to watch for students who may understand what has happened and may need to talk about it. Cathy has plans in place for working with students who may need to work through their fears, so please let her know if you see that a student is in need of help.

The two links below have some great information. The first is a short conversation with the Director of the Penn Center for Youth and Family Trauma Response and Co-Chair of the Disaster and Trauma Issues of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. It gives some great insight as to how children tend to process information. The second is an article about the same topic from the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. Please listen to and read them sometime this week.

I know that usually my "opening notes" on the Staff News have more of an upbeat tone than this, but this is something that is extremely important and I wanted to make sure we all understand how to address it with students if it comes up.

Have a SUPER week!


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Announcements and Reminders

  • Thanks to all who have already had your students make ornaments for the Town Hall trees. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! :) Please have your students come and hang their ornaments when they are complete. If we end up with too many down low where they can reach, we will use a ladder to move some up later.
  • The "Four Days of Christmas" is coming! As last year, we will have a staff pitch-in on Monday, which will be Dec. 14th. I will put sign-up sheets in the lounge downstairs to sign up for something you'd like to bring as a side or dessert. The main course will be provided.
  • I think everyone has signed up for their Santa Shop times. If you haven't, please check the available slots in the mail room.
  • I had listed the upcoming PRIDE reward convo and alternate schedule in last week's newsletter as being on the 13th. As several of you astutely realized, the 13th is a Sunday! That date should have said the 14th.
  • As you begin to look at your plans for the week after Christmas, please plan for our second quarter alternate schedule/PRIDE convo on Friday, January 8th.
  • We will NOT run an alternate schedule on Dec. 17th since teachers plan and schedule their own parties. Please let Randa know when to expect volunteers if you will be having them that day.
  • Teachers, you will be receiving information about how to view a Smekens training video. I won't schedule that as part of a staff meeting this week, but you can definitely feel free to use that regularly scheduled Thursday afternoon time to get it done; or you can choose another time that is convenient for you. The video is about 45 minutes in length. Please plan to watch it prior to leaving on Dec. 18th.
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Just a reminder that the last student day, December 17th this year, we encourage ALL STAFF to dress as elves for the day! This has become a great Clarks Creek tradition, and the kids just love it! We hope to see you all "elf-ed out" on the 17th! :) We'll meet in the morning at 8:00 a.m. in Town Hall to greet all the elves and will take a big group picture about 8:15. (The Secret Santa reveal is during that time, as well, but you do not have to be participating in that to come at 8:00!)

10-Day Forecast of Upcoming Events

NO Staff Meeting this Thursday

  • 12/7-12/11 Santa Shop - LGI
  • 12/7 Gr. 1 Fancy Nancy Night 5:30 - 7:00p.m.
  • 12/7 ELL Certified Teacher Mtg 4:00pm Superintendent's Office
  • 12/8 First Grade Field Trip to Children's Museum
  • 12/8 Building Discussion Mtg 4:00pm Conference Rm
  • 12/8 First Grade Trip to the Children's Museum
  • 12/8 Marisa Gone to SpEd Law Conference a.m.
  • 12/9 Smekens Training K-2 - PCMS LGI
  • 12/9 District Math Mtg- Gr 3,4,5 4:00pm PHS LGI (note location change)
  • 12/10 PTO Luncheon for All Staff - Dickey's BBQ - All Lunch Shifts
  • 12/10 School Board Mtg 7:00pm Superintendent's Office
  • 12/11 Lifeskills Trip to Plainfield Rec Center
  • 12/14 - 17 Indirect Services for Speech this Week
  • 12/14 Alternate Schedule (this is the rescheduled Nov. date)
  • 12/14 Staff Pitch-In Luncheon
  • 12/14 PRIDE Credit Reward All-School Convo - 2:30 Gym
  • 12/15 Staff Breakfast - Merry Christmas from Marisa and Colleen!
  • 12/16 Holiday Sweater Day
  • 12/17 Elf Day!
  • 12/17 End of Second 9 Weeks

  • 12/17 Christmas Parties - Teachers Schedule their Own

  • 12/18 Teacher Records Day - 1/2 Day

    12/18 Second Quarter/Semester Grades Due 11:00am

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to These Staff Members with December Birthdays!

Marla Kemp - Dec. 7

Diane Bennett - Dec. 8

Jessica Lawson - Dec. 8

Sarah Wright - Dec. 10

Rachel Smith - Dec. 10

Holly Collins - Dec. 20

Kelli Carnes - Dec. 20

Lisa Tinkle - Dec. 26

Jennifer Carmichael - Dec. 29

Arrivals and Departures

  • Dave Smyth finishes his student teaching in Kevin's room on Friday, Dec. 11. Thanks to Dave for the work he's done with our students. We wish Dave all the best as he readies himself for having his own classroom!


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Student Council

Caroling and Spreading Cheer at Retirement Homes - Thanks to Jeff and Angie for taking them!
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