Martin Luther King

BTN Report

50 years ago a very important man made a very important speech that changed the way people thought about racism. Martin Luther King was this man and his most famous words were "I have a dream". He is famous for his speaches and his protests. Before the 1950's black people were discriminated against in almost every single way. Racism now is illegal but in that time it was a common part of every day. On a bus black people would have to sit at the back and you could be arrested for not letting a white woman sit in your seat. Also black people would have to do alot of things seperate from white from white people for example in a restaurants they would have to sit seperately from the white people and in movie theatres there used to be different cinemas for different people with different coloured skin. As you can tell there were alot of things that the black people just had to get used to although there were atleast 100 other rules at the time. Martin Luther King changed this all.

Martin Luther King was born in 1929 in Georgia USA. He wanted to change how everyone was treated and how everyone treated eachother. Unfortunately Martin Luther King was assassinated while preparing for a speech in front of an amazingly large crowd. He was mudered by James Earl Ray and was immediately rushed off to St. Joseph's hospital. But at 7:05 PM that evening he was anounced dead. He was not alive long enough to see his precious dream come true but although he died his legacy was continued and lots of laws about racism and discrimination were created. On October 14 1964 Martin recieved the Nobel Peace for supporting racial equality.