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April Showers...and snow...and frost...

There is no doubt since coming back from Spring Break that our weather has been junk! The nice thing is that if it was 80 deg out, not only would our classrooms smell from sweaty kids, but it would be difficult to keep learners focused (and maybe ourselves). This is right around the corner. Here are some words of wisdom I hope you live by as we approach this time of year:

  • only you know what your students need for the rest of the year and can get them where you want to get them
  • standards and grades should not hold you down and lock you in to having to do things a certain way.
  • you know where you want to go by the end of the year, build engaging and fun experiences for students to learn through. Spend larger chunks of time doing what matters.
  • let students own their learning, tell you what they know and where they want to go- be there to support them through that process and find teachable moments
  • take chances, learn by doing, change it up, try something new- if you don't show your excitement and passion, who will?
  • HAVE FUN! RELAX! #kidsdeserveit .... AND SO DO YOU:)

My schedule

I will be traveling to New Jersey from April 5 - April 7. This is a working trip and part of the Lexington Institute fellowship Dennis Krueger won that is focused on the implementation of Personalized Learning. We will be further digging into our Vision of PL and from that solidifying action steps. A group from Educational Elements will facilitate this work. CLICK HERE to read more on this group. This work will guide our 2016-2017 School Improvement Plan (SIP) and beyond.

I am very excited to be a part of this and look forward to continuing to help move our building forward with you and on behalf of our learners!

Attending with me will be: Dennis, Kyle, Andrea, Becky Zimmer, Phil Hart, Mike Frieder

End of the 3rd QRT and Report Cards

On Tuesday, April 5, marks the end of the 3rd quarter! WOW!!!! Report cards need to be finalized by Friday, 4/15, so that I can send a message to parents at 6:00 stating they can now check report cards.

April 8- Early Release

This Friday's early release is yours to work on what you need to work on:)

Staffing Update

As you know from past communication, Mindy's last day at BH will be on April 8th. We will have a long-term substitute fill this position for the remainder of the year. I have offered the job to Diandra Nero, who has recently moved back to the area after teaching 2nd grade in Idaho last year. Diandra is also a Bay Port graduate. She will shadow Mindy on Wednesday and her first official day will be Monday, April 11.

Mr. Matt Spets @ Bay Harbor

Matt Spets, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, will be holding office hours in the conference room on May 5th. If you would like to talk to meet with Matt to talk about Retirement, Ascend, or his life as a Yooper, please CLICK HERE to sign-up for a time!

Upcoming Assessment dates/testing windows:

PALS (K-2)

The window for PALS begins on 4/25 until 6/3. Alison H. is main PALS contact.

NWEA MAP Assessment

May 9- June 1. A testing schedule will be built and shared with teachers in grades 2-4

21st Century Skills Assessment

April 11- April 22, Grade 4 only

Forward Exam (ELA, MATH):

Grades 3, 4 CLICK HERE for master schedule. Our school schedule has already been communicated to teachers in grade 3-4.

Running Records

As always, student data needs to be entered into inform by June 1. My thought is this...continue to do Running Records on students as you see fit to better inform instruction (like you have done all year and like it is meant to be used for). If they are at grade level or above (as it relates to the end of the year mark), there is really no need to stress and try to get another Running Record in JUST for the sake of doing it! You may put into Inform their most recent score or give another assessment to further provide you the information you need. As a reminder, students will be doing RR assessments in August as well:)

For any student below level, you should give a RR in May at some point to find the most accurate picture of where that student is on the learning continuum to see how much they have grown, to find out where they are still struggling, and to communicate that to student, families, and next year's teacher.

*Because of this flexibility, I am not planning on doing a full day assessment day to do Running Records in May.

Summer Literacy Assessments- Survey Reminder

Please CLICK HERE to do a survey to let me know your plans regarding the early literacy assessment days in August. Please complete this survey by April 15th. I am still trying to ponder the best way to go about this process. My initial feeling is to let it go...let it go...and see how it works. My other wonder is should we choose one consistent day/night for families and then open your calendar up from there to do with it what you want. A couple of district schools are having two consistent days and evenings, while another school is going to choose one consistent day and the other days random. Again, give me your thoughts and we will go from there. Email me any questions you may have. This is for classroom teachers only.

Child Study Team

We have met with both 1st and 2nd grade teams as part of an updated process to CST. The information share time has been a tremendous asset for our continued growth as a literacy crew and I hope you will all find it beneficial as well. The goal is to walk away from the meeting feeling validated on the great things you are doing and supported on any action you may have decided to re-focus on.

Below you will find the final CST schedule:

3rd grade- April 5th

4th grade- April 12th

Kindergarten- April 19

The following Tuesdays will be dedicated to class placement conversations. *We may end up pushing this process back by 1 week? I will let you know for sure asap.

April 26- Kindergarten to 1st grade

May 3- 1st to 2nd

May 10- 2nd to 3rd

May 17- 3rd to 4th

We will again be using the blue and pink cards and data to help guide us. We have really done a wonderful job with this, but I continue to think of ways to do it better and to be creative.

*We may end up pushing this process back by 1 week? I will let you know for sure asap.

Summer curriculum proposal

See the below email from Andrea...

If you are interested and available for curriculum work in the summer I would like to know about your ideas. I will have to plan carefully (I cannot approve all project ideas), but I can support some curriculum projects this summer. Please fill in your information on the linked "Summer Project Proposals" document: I WILL ONLY CONSIDER JUNE PROPOSALS AT THIS TIME. If you submit for a project to occur at another time (July or August), notification of approval will not be communicated until May 27. BE SURE TO LET ME KNOW IF you would like to work in June, July or August, and please be clear about that preference. Please also communicate with your potential team members.

PRIORITY will be given to projects that address advancement and improvement of Personalized Learning approaches and literacy skill development and enrichment.Sum

Tornado Drill- April 15th

To culminate severe weather awareness week, on Friday, April 15th @ 1:45, we will do our annual Tornado Drill. This will consist of an announcement, you going to your "safe" areas, assuming the proper position (kneeling, head ducked and hands covering the head), and me walking through all of the areas to give you the okay. The whole thing should take less than 5 minutes.


When you tweet, ad #BHsailors! By doing this, all tweets will be categorized and easily followed. This will be our official Bay Harbor hashtag!

Keep up the tweeting! It's a great way to share ideas and great news!

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