Notes from Andy

Monday 17 February 2014

Thank you...

... to Emily and Peter A for supervising our ISTA students at CIS on the weekend

... to everyone who has been marking and preparing the Year 13 Practice Exam Grades - a lot of work that will go a long way to helping our seniors prepare for May.

... to everyone who is spending weekends and holidays at school supporting our kids to finish work also. There is more of this going on than I am aware and wanted to acknowledge all of that extra time being given.

From the LDT

Entry and Exit Slips

These help students summarise and reflect on information learned. Students respond to teacher questions that focus on the learning target of the lesson. Questions can also focus on the process of learning or on the effectiveness of a teaching methodology. Student responses to the questions are also very useful Assessment For/Of Learning tools and allow the teacher to plan for the next lesson as the responses give an informal measure of each students’ understanding of the lesson or concept.

Goto for samples and templates (this is the shortened gdoc link, I sent earlier)

Who deserves your acknowledgement, this week?

Student(s)?, Colleagues? - teaching and support staff......I know many are still doing this. Can you find 5 minutes this week to do this? - email or cards in the staffroom. I'm always happy to be 'cc-ed' in to emails

IT Team Responsibilities

Thanks for your patience with the disruption to the IT support, given so many staff left at the same time. Peter L is working with the new manager (Tom) to allocate responsibilities. He will let us know what they are so we can contact the correct person. In the meantime, please email Tom

have a great week !

Keep thinking about your costumes for next Monday....