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The Computer Made Just For You

Akaash's Computer Customs

For the computer built by you, and just for you!

The Build

Computers are an essential part of accomplishing work, and the more power and speed it has, the better and efficient your work will be. You deserve to get what you pay for, and you deserve the choice of the components that go into your computer because it is your computer. I will provide you with the reliability you get from those other companies but give you the freedom and power of building your own system. Make your computer truly yours with me!

The Parts

I treat every system I build like it were my one. I use only cutting edge components that will provide you the ability to meet your needs and accomplish you task with ease and efficiency. That being said, I will try my best to keep prices low so that you get the best performance possible with out hurting your wallet. As the problem with high-end computer systems nowadays is the unbelievable cost. With me you no longer have to sacrifice quality components to cost.

Operating System

It's important the both Mac and Window users can still have the choice of operating system. You will be able to choose the working environment that suits you best and the one you feel best accustomed with. Also, we do provide a dual-booting service, for those who want to be able run Windows and Mac to increase workflow and not having to buy another computers.
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Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is what's most important for me. I want you to be happy with the system I've built for you. So with my systems there is always support for a lifetime, unlike other companies who will not provide any support to you after just a few years I will always be there for you to help you with all the problems that your computer experiences. I love to build these systems and you can trust that the system I build for you will be flawless. I have over two years of experience in building computers and I will not let you down!
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