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Did you know that a student needs to encounter a word 15-20 times before they "learn" it? I also read that it takes 12 purposeful encounters with a word for students to build understanding. Of course, some students can remember words much more quickly, but I think it's important for us to remember that students need to see and hear a word again and again before they can truly understand it. Repeated exposures are so important!

Last week, I shared some resources and titles connected to vocabulary instruction. Here's the link to last week's letter if you haven't checked it out:

This week, I am sharing a few new book titles, as well as vocabulary games and resources. I highly recommend "I Have, Who Has" as a way for students to interact with new words or concepts! (Scroll down for more information!) First, I wanted to share a few new book titles and pictures from our Read In at Williams last week. It was incredible to see our whole school community reading together!

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Check out these new titles!

Wild About Reading At WES

Last Wednesday, the entire Williams school community had a Read In in the gymnasium! Some teachers shared favorite books from their childhood, favorite authors or new book recommendations. We had a great afternoon sharing our love of reading!

Including Vocabulary In Word Work Stations

Here are a few pictures from Pam Corson and Rachel Bickford's first grade classrooms. As part of their close reading routine, they are working with students to build vocabulary. During their Daily 5 Word Work stations, Pam and Rachel are giving students opportunities to complete activities with vocabulary words, as well as high frequency words. Let me know if you are looking for ways to help your students interact with their new vocabulary words! There are many word building activities and graphic organizers that can be used at all grade levels.

I Have, Who Has

One way to practice vocabulary words is through the activity "I Have, Who Has". It's so easy to make your own cards for this activity connected to any content area! I Have, Who Has is an engaging, interactive game that you can use for a warm up as a whole class or in small groups. Let me know if you would like a blank template or helping making your own cards. I'm including a few samples below that also incorporate letter identification and math! This activity is easy to adapt to any grade level or content area and kids LOVE it. Enjoy!

Vocabulary Resources

Top 5 Strategies for Teaching Vocabulary includes many familiar strategies including the Knowledge Rating Guide and I Have/Who Has!

I found this short article, Meeting Words Where They Live, by Carol Jago this weekend on the Heinemann site. She has some great thoughts on learning vocabulary through reading.

I LOVE this blog post from Jennifer Serravallo on Turing Independent Reading Obstacles into Opportunities! I highly encourage all teachers to take a minute to read her thoughts on our most common challenges during Read to Self or Independent Reading time!

Great Vocabulary Games

The Language of Feedback for a Growth Mindset

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