The Year of the Hangman(2002)

By: Gary Blackwood

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Gary Blackwood

  • Awards:
  • 1990 Friends of American Writers Best Young Adult Novel for The Dying Sun
  • Ozark Creative Writers Conference 1st prize for Attack of the Mushroom People
  • Missouri Scriptworks 1st prize for Dark Horse
  • 1999 ALA Best Book for Young Adults for The Shakespeare Stealer
  • 2010 Smithsonian's Notable Books for Children for Around the World in 100 Days
  • 2010 Best Books for Teens by Kirkus Book Reviews for Around the World in 100 Days

Main Conflict and Resolution

Main Conflict:

Creighton doesn't know whether he should keep his loyalties with the British, or switch to the American side.


Creighton leaves the British and joins the Americans.

Significant Quotes

1. "Honor is based on actions not words."- This quote is significant because it is very meaningful and sums up the whole story.

2. "He had always thought of his countrymen as something like the standard-bearers of civilization--ambitious, perhaps even arrogant, but well intentioned, bringing prosperity and enlightenment to the less fortunate countries they colonized. He had never considered the possibility that, to the people of those countries, they might look like conquerors instead, or that British attempts to keep the peace might be seen as oppression and injustice." - This is important because it shows first impressions aren't always correct.

3. "It would have, once. But I've learned that honor is not measured by words; it's measured by deeds." - This quote is important because it shows more is measured in effort and hard work in stead of just words.

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Three things that make this story interesting:

1. It is set in 1777

2. The setting of the story is during the Revolutionary War

3. The story is told from the side of a British teen who is forced to go to war, but the war does not end the way many people think it should.

Historical References:

  • The Revolutionary War
  • George Washington
  • Benjamin Franklin


The Year of the Hangman is about a boy named Creighton Brown. He is a young boy who is growing up in England during the Revolutionary War. One night he is kidnapped and is forced to fight in the British Army. Through his journey, Creighton runs into many historical figures including Benjamin Franklin. As Creighton begins to realize what the colonies are fighting for, he contemplates whether he should join their cause. This story is very exciting and suspenseful, it will make a great read for anyone.