School Food Changes

What Students Think

Why should school food change?

School food has been a controversial topic for a while now. The students demand a delicious change, and the staff demands a healthy lunch. They tried to make both happen, but most students don’t agree with the change made. We created a survey to see how students really felt about the changes made.

What We Did

Survey Results

Questions and Answers:

How do you feel about school lunch? 2.7 Average

Does school lunch seem too healthy? Half Yes/ Half No

How well does school food taste? 4.5 Average

Would you rather bring your own lunch to eat at school or eat the school lunch provided? Majority Bring Lunch

Do you eat more unhealthy food outside of school now that the school food has changed? Majority Yes

Our Plan

Our plan to change this would be to restock the vending machines back to what they were before. The actual name brand food sells more and tastes better. The food provided in the cafeteria should change, also. All we have to do is make the school board realize they are losing money and causing unhealthy eating with the change they made. Once they realize this, they will hopefully change the food back to what is was or even better than it was.