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We’ve had a busy week exploring the world around us through literacy, writing, and social studies. The children are really enjoying learning more about customs, traditions, and about the people that populate our world.

This week in literacy we continued to focus on telling whether we got information from words or illustrations. We traveled to Brazil and met Cidinah. We used photographs to gather information about her home life and then used the text to discover more about her. We made comparisons with her life to our own. The kids are really enjoying seeing how life can be similar but different in other parts of the world.

In writing we worked more on our "How to" writings. We talked about how to brush our teeth; watched a cute video that shared with us this information and then the children worked on this writing. Today we started to talk about how to build a snowman. To hook the kids on this topic I read them the story titled: The Blue Snowman. It is a realistic nonfiction story about a little boy who dreams about blue snow. See if your child can retell you this awesome story. After reading the story, the boys and girls got to build their own blue snowman with construction paper. They had a blast doing this as we sang many festive songs such as: Do you want to build a snowman; Frosty the Snowman; Rudolf; Feliz Navidad; etc. Next week the students will work collaboratively to write an informational piece on How to Build a Snowman.

We have done some major traveling in Social Studies! The kids are filling up their passport and only have 3 more countries to visit. They are LOVING this unit and exploring the world around us. They are doing an amazing job sharing their projects with their peers. See if your child can share a little about the countries that we have visited.

For Science this week the kids made zoomers. They had a great time seeing if they could get their zoomer to work. Here is little video of what a zoomer is (in case you were wondering) .

We will be having our Holiday Party (Holidays Around the World) before Christmas Break. More information will go home about our party next week (date and time). You are invited to come travel with us and take part in this fun event. Maia, Matthew, & Roscoe's mom are planning this party for us. Please look for a letter in your child's homework folder sometime next week =)

Mid-year assessments start Monday. There will be a lot of reading and WRITING. This is an important time of year. Your child will have to write to two written prompts about the books he/she reads during these assessments. Their responses are key to them progressing to higher levels. We have focused on this a lot during our school day. Please talk with your child about making detailed responses, using his/her book and sharing examples/sentences that support his/her thinking. I will be unable to help read the

question for your child. They will need to reread the question, think about what it is asking and make sure their writing answers all parts of the question. They can do this… you would be amazed at how well they do. It is just a matter of taking their time, thinking about the question, and rereading their response to make sure the question was answered completely; a one sentence answer will not work and they must use examples from the text. I will let you know how your child does on these assessments. We have the next two weeks to complete these. Let me know if you have any questions.

I hope you all have a restful weekend and enjoy your family.

~Ms. Gower


The following students have earned 5 or more points on AR! They've earned a reward and their owl is on our AR board. I am proud of all their reading. Keep it up!

Colson- 25.1 pts

Landon- 5pts

Allison- 20.2


  • Check our website on Sunday. I will be posting a new Math Stumper as well as a prompt for our Blog. Life has been busy so this past week. it's been a few weeks since one has been posted; I apologize =)
  • Assessments begin next week. Keep your child rested and encourage them to give their best effort especially with the reading and writing assessment.

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