Saige Dominguez

How World War 1 started?

In Europe, people had strong feelings about their nations and they were mad about countries growing. The people in some countries wanted to rule themselves not other people ruling there country. Europe nations competed for Africa & Asia colonies. It mad some bad feelings between the nations. Many Europe colonies began to build their militaries because there was a greater tensions in Europe. The future leader of Austria-Hungry, Archduke Francis Ferdinand, got assassinated in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Austria-Hungry had declared war on Serbia.

Why the U.S.entered the war?

The government of the U.S. was mad at Germany for trying to convince Mexico to fight with them and against the U.S. The government was also mad that German submarines attacked U.S. ships that had innocent on there.


What technolagies and weapons were used in the war?

The three weapons & technolagies that they used in the war were

  • poison gases
  • air plains (to drop bombs)
  • machine guns

How World War 1 ended?

The war ended because it destroyed land and property in Europe. Other countries wanted to avoid another WW from happening again. There was a new international peacekeeping organization called League of Nations. About 1o million soldiers died in the war and about 21 million more were wounded. Many other people had died of diseases, starvation, and other different things.