October 16, 2020

Dear Parents, Students and Staff,

As we reach the end of our third week of Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL), I hope this finds all of you and your families healthy and safe. I also hope that everyone is settling into some routines at this point in order to alleviate stress, hardships and confusion related to virtual learning. As I have stated in the past, this is not how any of us would choose to educate our children over a long period of time. Please know that staff is doing their best to provide your students with the best possible education under the guidance of the Oregon Department of Education’s COVID-19 guidelines.

I am going to bullet out some key topics that parents, students and staff need to be aware of. I will be brief and concise as to make sure I am clear and my information isn’t lost in paragraph form.

  • Conferences will be held virtually on November 23rd and 24th.

    • 4th, 5th, 6th grade - Teachers will contact parents and set specific dates and times.

    • 7th and 8th grade conferences - We are still determining how they will look. We will send more information next week.

  • School Calendar Changes

    • Due to COVID-19 and the wildfires, our school calendar has been updated. It was approved last night at the board meeting. Please see below for the changes. Here is the new calendar and it is posted on the website.

  • Health Class

    • All 7th and 8th grade students have a health class card in their Canvas accounts. They need to go into their Canvas cards and do those lessons asynchronously (on their own).

  • CDL Academic Supports

    • Now that we are at the end of week three, we are putting supports in place for students that need them. We will be assigning times for tutoring and check-ins with students and specific adults.

  • Teacher Office Hours

    • All teachers have office hours. If your student needs or wants to meet with a teacher virtually to receive help, please contact the individual teacher. Teachers are here to help as much as possible.

  • Attendance

    • Teachers are responsible for taking attendance. All teachers have established routines and procedures for taking attendance. If your student's teacher is asking your student to respond verbally or turn their camera on to check in for attendance, then your child will need to do that.

  • Assignments

    • Students are expected to turn in their work. They are now receiving letter grades unlike in the Spring.

As always, if you have any questions I encourage you to reach out to those of us in the office or your student's teachers.

Have a great weekend!

Mr. Proctor


WOU is offering math tutoring for 4-8th grade students. The tutoring is being offered by college math students. If you are interested in this support, please see the flyer attached.


Last night at their monthly meeting, the NSSD Board approved the following changes to the school calendar. Only the changes are listed. Here is the new calendar and it is posted to the website.

  • October 30 is now a school day.
  • November 5 and 6 are now full school days.
  • November 20 is a half day of school.
  • November 23 and 24 are now NO SCHOOL days so the entire week is no school.
  • February 12 is now a no school day.
  • The changes to the month of April are still to be determined.


Per 1: 9:00-9:45

Per 2: 9:55-10:40

Per 3: 10:50-11:35

Lunch: 11:35-12:05

Per 4: 12:10-12:55

Per 5: 1:05-1:50

Per 6: 2:00-2:45

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