The Holocaust

Taylor Champitto Academic 3

Are you Jewish? In the 1930's Hitler and the Nazis captured Jews and most of them were killed. Hitler's power had risen and he decided to capture the Jews and put them in Concentration Camps. This was called the Holocaust. Most Jews were killed by gas chambers. This was hard for all Jews. Hana and George Brady went through the Holocaust.

The most devastating thing about the Holocaust is the major killing of Jews. Hitler didn't like how the Jews ran their religion, so he decided to kill them. Some people even died under deplorable conditions because they were't getting enough food. A gas chamber is where they let out gas into the room and the people wouldn't escape. Most European Jews lived in the countries that the Nazis would occupy or influence during World War 2. The concentration camps were very tight they had 8 people to 3 beds.

Why do you think Hitler didn't like the Jews? The population of Jews in Europe was 6 million and Hitler captured half of them. Jews were killed in so many ways like gas chambers, starvation, and etc. Finally May 7, 1945, the German surrendered to the Allies and the Holocaust was over.