Let's Stop Water Pollution

By: Fantasia Thurston

The Problem

The problem is that people don't have access to safe water and don't have access to sanitation. This problem affects women, infants, schoolchildren, adolescent girls, people with disabilities, and the elderly. Unsafe water and poor sanitation cause diarrheal diseases, which kill over 500,000 people each year. Lack of clean water and toilets costs sub-saharan Africa 5% of its GDP every year. Because of the lack of clean water, people are getting life threatening water-related diseases.


A solution to this problem is to moves the wastes. Water pollution is caused by humans depositing wastes in water, so by putting wastes into wastes far away from the water instead of into the water we would easily fix the problem. Another solution is called rain gardens. Rain gardens use porous plants and organic soil to collect water with their roots, preventing contaminated water from running off into waterways.

Blue Ocean

The Blue Ocean is a nonprofit organization. Its goal is to bring clean water to areas less fortunate to the United States.