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This is the first installment of Tech Tidbits, an online newsletter sharing the best tech tools for your classroom.


Plickers is a fun and simple tool that lets you collect assessment data. It can be used as a quick exit ticket or a class quiz. Best of all it does not require each student to have a computer. All you need is a smart phone or tablet and some paper or card stock.

How it works?

Each student has a card, that you can print out from the Plickers website. You will also need to download the Plickers app to your smart phone, it available at the Apple App Store and Goolge Play. You create an online questionaire on the website. Then students hold a card in a particular direction to answer the question. With your cell phone or tablet you scan the class to record the responses. The app that is downloaded to your phone collects the data for you to review.

Some helpful hints:

You might be tempted to laminate the answer cards for durability, however the glare that is created interferes with the recording of responses.

You can label each direction of the card with letter so students knows the answer they are giving when they hold the card.