Analyzing Viola

By : Alyssa Herrera

Viola's Idenitity

Viola is a brave, confident, strong, intelligent and loyal person. She is brave because she was the one that came up the idea on how to take care of herself and that was to dress, act, talk, look like a young servant boy. Most people those days would not even think such a thing. Viola is confident because she believed in herself and in her idea. Without confidents her idea would not have worked as well as it did. Viola is intelligent because she came up with the brilliant idea and knew exactly what to say, do and how to do it. Viola is very loyal because she did not have one but multiple opportunities to hurt or be disloyal to not only Duke her master but also Olivia in a way. Olivia had asked her to love her and date her and instead of telling Duke and hurting him and disown Olivia she kept it to herself to stop drama, confusion and heartbreaks. A quote to support this " I'll serve this Duke." (Act one scene two, 52)

Perceptions of Viola

Viola is looked at as a enemy. loyal friend and want to be lover. Viola is looked as a enemy by sir Andrew because he likes Olivia and knows that she is not noticing him because she likes Viola. "Will either of you bear with me a challenge to him?" (Act three scene two, 37) Viola is looked at as a loyal friend by Duke and many of the other servants. " Boy, thou hast said to me a thousand times thou never shouldst love woman like me." (Act five scene one, 258 - 259) Olivia is in love with Viola and wants to marry her. "Stay, I prithee, tell me what thou thinkest of me." (Act three scene one , 129)

Viola's Gender

Viola is acting as her brother to support herself. In this time period a woman by herself would not be able to make money. She chose to dress, act, talk and look like a servant boy. A benefit from this is she could support herself and be around Duke her master she fell in love with. Though those are good benefits she has a lot of limitations. For example, she couldn't be lady like, talk like a lady, dress like a lady, act like a lady, be treated like a lady, work hard like a man and she couldn't tell anyone the truth or how she felt. A quote to support this "I prithee - and I'll play thee bounteously - conceal me what I am, and be my aid for such disguise as haply shall become the form of my intent." (Act one scene two, 48 - 52)

Similarities and Differences Bewteen Me and Viola

I view myself as a confident and strong somewhat smart young lady just like Viola is. Though we don't go through the same problems and if we did we would handle them differently I believe we have a lot in common. Although we have a lot in common we also have a lot of differences. For example, Viola is very smart and knows what to do, how to do it, when to do the right stuff at the right time and what to say. If I was in her position I know for sure I would not say the right thing or somehow give away that I am a girl by not knowing how to act.