Mount Everest

Mt .Everest is an amazing trip to take for a vacation. It is known for amazing height, horrific world record and it's beautiful climbs. As you will learn Mt .Everest will be the best vacation of your life. Also don't forget to bring warm clothes and friend to make your experience less cold and lonely.

Amazing heigths

If you decide to take the adventure the Mt .Everest you will see the highest mountain in the world. It has a total height of 8,848 m (29,029 ft) that's like 16 CN Towers with 9 m left over.Despite Mt .Everest being the highest mountain (highest altitude) on earth it is not the tallest, The tallest mountain is Auna Kea in Hawaii, USA but you have to go under water in a submarine.

World Records

Mt. Everest holds some of the absolutely crazy world record you will not believe. The best one was a blind man named Erik Weihenmayer summited Everest, I think that's just crazy. Another amazing record was made by Malavath Purna she was the youngest girl to climb Everest, at the age of 13 and 11 months on May 25, 2015 that's pretty young.

Just imagine

Just imagine yourself 29,029 ft up a mountain snow and rocks everywhere. You and your friend higher than the clouds higher than ever before. Your legs are numb but filled with determination, your hands clenched into fists. Sweat slowly crawling down your back. Hours spent on your way to the top, finally you make it to the top a sigh of relief and the satisfaction of completion. What an amazing climb.
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An amazing high height, some of the best world records a journey of a lifetime and a vacation. No, not a vacation, life at its fullest. This is why you need to book your next fight, your next trip, your next adventure to Mt. Everest.