By: Chaniere I. Bragulla

I Am For Vaccines

Vaccines help people who are ill because the vaccine helps fight the virus or illness that they have in their body. Vaccines especially help out with kids who have a chance of getting a serious virus or illness. So, I am all for vaccines, I even get them myself because I know that I don't want to be sick and end up giving it to someone else who doesn't need it because then it would go around forever and no one wants to be sick.

Pro Vaccinations

For Vaccination for kids!!!

Vaccination for kids is very important because the vaccine helps prevent some illnesses. Vaccines may not prevent all illnesses but at least they prevent some and kids are at least some what protected. Vaccines have helped this world out a lot because of the way that they help kids fight illnesses.

Con Vaccinations

Whats Wrong With Vaccinations

Every 1 in 1,000,000 people have a serious illness or die because of a vaccine shot. Vaccinations carries some risk of reaction, although adverse effects typically are very rare and very mild. The most common reaction to the vaccination is redness and soreness around the vaccine site. More severe reactions are vomiting, high fever, seizure, brain damage , and death.


Vaccines are a antivirus medicine I guess you could say. It mostly helps people to fight off illness. It sometimes can cause side effects but that's very rare. All I know is that scientist are working their hardest to keep this planet alive and running with healthy people who wont get sick because they got vaccinated. Vaccinations have lots of pros and cons but what you want to do about it is up to you. Your life means your decisions.