BTT10C Summitive

By Nate Schoon

Presentation Skills

Presenting skills are very important because everyone uses them in their daily lives. In my B.T.T. class I have learned that to have a great presentation you should keep in mind 10 key things.

  1. Be excited about the topic and don't act bored
  2. Don't have a lot of slides
  3. Have 25-30 words per slide
  4. Talk about your topics for 5 minutes maximum.
  5. Make sure your audience can understand you.
  6. Face your audience
  7. Be clear about main topic
  8. Have clear headings
  9. Use pictures
  10. Have your second slide seize the audience

I have learned over the semester that the presenting skills I learned have helped me in my other classes. I also so learned that the more comfortable you are talking to people like your friends and family, the more comfortable you will be in a crowd.

Rule of Thirds

Rule of thirds puts the main object in two thirds of the picture to make it stand out. The Rule of Thirds is a way to efficiently make sure your pictures/drawings stand out. Here are the proper steps to use the rule of thirds:

Put your main object in two thirds of the picture. Use this picture to help you out with were to put your main object. It doesn't matter if it is close up or far away.

After I found out this rule I have used it in my recent drawing. I also have tried to use this in my pictures with my iPod. This is one of the best way to take pictures because professional photographers use this rule and it is really handy.

Golden Rule

The Golden Rule is used in architecture to help build objects by dividing the object by half each time. It was made by the Ancient Greek who thought that this was the perfect rule and the that it always worked. It is also called the Fibonacci Spiral. Proof that they thought this was the perfect rule was because their houses, temples, art, and Colosseum all matched the Fibonacci Spiral.

This rule is very handy in art and buildings. If you take most buildings today you will know that it will match the Fibonacci Spiral. The Fibonacci Sequence cut the the object in half in a spiral then continues to cut the object in half.