By : Daniel & Mitchell


They developed along Huang He river in Asia. They are surrounded by desserts and mountains. The Huang He flooded every year depositing a rich fertile soil.
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Farmers use irrigation to control the river flow and water their crops. This civilization was able to have food surpluses.
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Written Languege

They write on Ideo graphs witch are called stone tablets. They write in Chinese and wrote for keeping things together, like house payments and barter with somebody.
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Political systems

In China, dynasties ruled the area. Dynasties were a series of rulers from the same family. The king was in charge with nobles helping him .
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Made roads , built statues, and created epics.


Were a philosophy. known as Confucianism Taoism . Taoism believes in harmony with nature. Confucianism is known as a ruism of philosophy.
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