SLMS Monthly News

October 1, 2019

Climate Activists at Work

Last spring, a group of Mrs. Miemis' 6th graders completed projects to reduce the use of plastics in our school. As a result of the project, our cafeteria switched from plastic water bottles to aluminum refillable water bottles, our classrooms went from 2 trash cans to only 1 (eliminating the need for dozens of plastic garbage bags per day), and one group earned nearly $1,000 and purchased a water fountain with a water bottle filling station for the cafeteria lobby. Here's a photo of our filling station team with the new water fountain that was installed over the summer.

Upcoming Events

October 14th- Columbus Day, No School

October 15th- Picture Day

October 24th- School Wide Assembly at the High School and 1/2 day Conference Day

October 25th- No School, Superintendent's Conference Day

October 30th- School Wide Field Trip to the high school to watch the fall play "A Wrinkle in Time."

October 31st- Halloween- Dress Up Day! *Please remember: costumes should not prohibit movement or be so large that a student cannot safely sit in class or move through the halls, your child's face needs to be visible, and costumes with blood and weapons are not permissible.

Around School

Anxiety Presentation

Lynn Lyons, an expert in anxiety in children and families presented to our students on October 1st. She also did an evening presentation for families.