Parent Peek at the Week

Week of February 8th, 2021

In case you missed it.....

Important Dates

Monday, February 8th - Day 2

  • Last day for any Valentine's cards (no candy, cards only) to be sent into school to be put into quarantine.

Tuesday, February 9th - Day 3

  • Middle block - Mrs. Beaton's Class with Outdoor Ed and Ms. Scott
  • Last block - Mrs. Rutherford's Class with Outdoor Ed and Ms. Scott

Wednesday, February 10th - Day 4

  • Middle block - Ms. Tourloukis' Class with Outdoor Ed and Ms. Scott
  • Last block - Ms. Landry's Class with Outdoor Ed

Thursday, February 11th - Day 5

Friday, February 12th - Day 1

  • School Valentine's Day!!!
  • Fabulous Dance Party Friday
  • Cougar Courage Awards

Keeping our children safe

I know we've been talking a lot about safety protocols lately, but this post is about another kind of safety.....dropping off and picking up your children.

This past week with the extra snow, has been very challenging for drop off and pick up times. One day in particular there were several calls to the office regarding "near misses". WE NEED YOUR HELP! It is extremely critical that you follow the stopping/parking rules that are in place, to ensure that our students stay safe. These include:

1. Only stop and park outside of the bus loading zone. It may seem like this area is larger than one bus needs, but in order to pull in and out safely, it does require a large area. Once the bus has left the area, then you may pull in (usually not before 8:55am and 3:25pm).

2. If there is no room to stop and park on the street, please pull in and park in the top parking lot.

3. The area around the entrance/exit to the upper parking lot is VERY busy. Please be very aware of children when pulling in and out. Please also be aware of families crossing the road at this junction.

4. Do NOT park or stop on the north side of Applewood. It's tight enough to get by as it is, but when cards stop, do u-turns, etc., it makes it impossible - and dangerous.

5. ALTERNATE SOLUTIONS: Please remember that there is LOTS of room for dropping off older students on Applewood by Lansdowne. They can then walk down the far yard to our main doors. By using this area and the back gate, it would help to alleviate the pressure on our main gates. You can also park in the large parking lot across from the school (where Mary Brown's is located) and walk across the street with the crossing guard.

We plan on discussing this safety issue at our next School Council meeting. If you have ideas or suggestions on ways we can make our school drop off/pick up safer, please let me know.

Valentine's Day Protocols

Valentine's....the celebration that seems to be most about paper!!!!!! And of course, paper is one of the things that we have been trying to avoid this year. So....

A reminder that all cards to be passed out on Friday MUST be delivered to school by Monday so they can go into quarantine. We are unable to accept any lollipops, chocolate, etc. that in the past might have come in with the cards - this year, it's paper only. Any cards that come in after Monday cannot be handed out until after Family Day Weekend (no exceptions).

Last but not least, it is still a "big no no" to share food of any kind - kids and adults alike. So please ensure that if your child's class is having a party, that you send in a snack for your child only.


With COVID-19 protocols, it's been a little challenging to use and share technology this year. Now that the Chromebooks and iPads have come back to school, we are ready to start some new routines this week.

Kindergarten Classes: Each class has 6 iPads that they share. Students are assigned an iPad one day a week for their use. It is then thoroughly disinfected before the next day, when it's assigned to another student.

Grades 1 - 3 Classes: Each class has 10 iPads that they share. In most cases, this means students have access to an iPad every other day. It is then thoroughly disinfected before the next day, when it's assigned to another student.

Grades 4 - 6 Classes: All classes share 1 Chromebook Cart. Divided amongst our 3 Junior classes, each class has the cart for 1 entire week. Students will use the same Chromebook all week, before it's disinfected for the next class. This way, Junior classes can sink their teeth into a larger tech project for a whole week, every 3 weeks.

Much of our technology is still being used by students who are learning online. However, we are grateful that with enhanced protocols in place we have enough technology left in the school to safely continue developmentally appropriate technology learning with all our students.

Kindergarten Registration

Did you's time to register for Kindergarten for September 2021 - NOW! Your child can begin Kindergarten in September 2021, as follows:

  • Junior Kindergarten – your child is four years of age by December 31, 2021
  • Senior Kindergarten – your child is five years of age by December 31, 2021

The registration process has begun, and it's very important for our staffing that we know as soon as possible the numbers of students we can expect. This then helps to determine our staffing. If you have a child who will be 4 or 5 by December 31st, 2021, please go to the following link to register:

You will find lots of great information about Kindergarten at this KPR site. In addition, we have links to some Kawartha Heights Kindergarten resources (as well as lots of other great school info - just click on any image!) on our virtual school office. This can be found on our school website or at:

If we can help in any way, please give Mrs. E. or Mrs. Sampson a call at the school at 705-742-7521.

One more thing....

Because it feels like we could all use a little smile right about now....
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