Drugs and Music FAQ

Questions answered by Dr. Chris Berkhan

Do you think teenagers are more likely to use drugs?

Yes, they are more susceptible to outside forces such as drugs and alcohol and their brains are more flexible than those older than them.

Do you think the music teenagers listen to impact their perspective of drugs?


Because teenagers listen to music so much, and some find comfort in music, their decisions and opinions can easily be based off of something as common as drug references and experience mentioned in music.

Why do you think so?

The music glorifies drugs and any time you have someone in the position of authority they can influence youth and make them more likely to try drugs.

Do you think certain genre's have more drug refrences?

Of course, rap and hip hop have tons of drug references when being compared to other music genres like country, alternative music or gospel.

What Causes the teenage brain to be so easily influenced?

Their brain isn't completely developed yet. They are less mature and less understanding of the consequences.