Come To The Land Of Opportunity

come and make money by growing rice

The New England Colonies Farming

life on the farm is rough. The only people that help you is your family. The soil is full of stones both large and small. Crops grown are hops, wheat, and apples. Size of the farms are small.


Streams were used for mills for grinding grain or sawing lumber.Blacksmith,shoemakers,furniture makers,gunsmiths,metalsmiths,and printers were jobs you could get. fishers caught cod,halibut,crabs oysters,lobsters,and whales.women made cloth,candles,and soap.

Trade in new england

They traded with Europe, Africa, and West Indies.Fish, furs, and fruit are what they traded.

Triangular Trade

America traded Britain rice, tobacco, indigo, and furs. They got manufactured goods and cloth back from Britain. Africa traded enslaved persons,gold, and pepper to West Indies and America. Europe traded cloth and manufactured goods to Africa. America traded rum, iron, and tools to Africa. West Indies traded sugar and molasses to America

Picture in the top right is gold made into bars

The Middle Colonies Farming

Life on the farm was better here but not much better. The soil is more fertile and less stony. The climate is warmer. They grew wheat as cash crops along with others. New York and Pennsylvania grew the most.

Cities in the middle colonies

New York City or its modern equivalent the big apple and Philadelphia was the two cities that goods were shipped to from all over the colonies . population of New York City was 18,000 people in 1760 America, 24,000 in Philadelphia in 1760.


carpentry, flour making,lumbering,mining, and small scale manufacturing were jobs you could get.

countries new settlers came from

The Germany, Holland, and Sweden were countries people came from

picture in the top right is

Southern Colonies Farming

Rich soil and a very warm climate made The southern colonies well suited for farming.

In Maryland and Virginia the main cash crop until they switched to wheat and corn because of a surplus was tobacco it was sold to Europe.

picture in the top right Is

South Carolina and Georgia Farming

Same climate and soil as Maryland and Virginia. Rice was the main cash crop. It was grown near the Atlantic Ocean. It was hard work growing rice yourself but a lot of money came with it because of mosquitoes with no bug repellent and knee deep in mud.

Back country

Appalachian mountains. It's hilly area to live in. hardy people lived and worked there.