Welcome Prateek to Malaysia

NGO in iGCP : IT Community Champion

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Prateek Rathi, from AIESEC in Pune, India

Prateek is going to be an engineer in computer science in the year 2016. His nationality is Indian and like to travel a lot.

Prateek's Interest

Prateek's Recommendation On India

Places in India

North, South, East and West of India, where do you want to go? =)

Must Try Cuisine

Indian spices are famous all around the world *Slurp Slurp*

Prateek's Internship

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Where Prateek will be working with?

Prateek will be working with SOLS 24/7. SOLS 24/7 is an non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to serve, educate and empower under-served communities throughout Malaysia. Under SOLS 24/7, there's SOLS Tech, which provides quality refurbished hardware to the underprivileged and provides training and installation of hardware.

What will Prateek basically do for IT Community Champion with SOLS 24/7?

  • Implement teaching programs within the community.
  • Undertaking community development works with SOLS 24/7.
  • Providing IT support to its community centre and its users.

Contact Prateek at:

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