1. Why is important to recycle?

-It preserve the natural resources for future generations, because it reduces the raw materials, so less energy is used.

-Helps to reduce the pollution caused by waste.

-Helps to reduce the global warming and the destruction of ecosystems.

2. What is recycling's greatest economic benefits?

-Many new things cost the double than the recycle one because he raw materials used for the new things use a lot of energy so it cost more, so it reduces the financial expenditure in the economy.

-Recycling generate jobs, you can make things recycled by your own and sell them, you are helping the planet and helping you.

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3. What are the environmental benefits of recycle?

-Like i said in the first question it helps to preserve the natural resources, it keeps the animals in the ecosystem they have to be.

-Saves energy (Making new things uses a lot of energy)

-Many animals and plants are extict because of the contamination and pollution caused by the factories of new products, the ignorance of the people is ending in the death of many species.

-It is the best and only way we have to take care of the planet, our home.

4. What i learned

-I learned that we can work like that, the world can make a big change working like that, but only working together, all the world doing a huge recycling process, the world is in our hands, we can do it like the recycling city, that is a good example for the people domostrate them that we can do it.