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Have you ever heard of typhus, if not you might want to read this. Typhus is a very serious disease that has killed many people, especially in the 1900's when lots of immigrants came to America to escape war and communism in their countries or for religious reasons. There are specific medical definitions of typhus and symptoms.

A Group Of Diseases Uncontrollable Spreading

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What is Typhus

As you might know is a very dangerous disease that has been around for many years. Typhus was one of the most dangerous diseases when the Russian Revolution. Typhus is an array of communicable diseases. It arrives along a rapid outbreak of headaches, chills, fevers, and general pains. The third to fifth day of typhus you should expect a rash, and toxic substances in the body, the rash eliminates in two to three weeks. 90% of the time, the rash would leave a never ending pain.
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How You Get Typhus

Typhus has many versions of itself. It also can be transmitted in different ways. Typhus is created by the certain types of Rickettsia bacteria. This bacteria is spread to humans by lice, fleas, mites, and ticks. The bugs are transmitted also from person to person, or people are infected by rodents, cattle, etc.
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Knowing the symptoms of typhus can help you know if someone has it. Also, if you know the real definition of typhus then you might be able to tell some of your friends and inform them about typhus. So now you know what typhus is, most of it, but you still don't know everything about it.


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