Muslim Bookmaking and Litterature

By: Emily and Rachael


Muslims learned how to make paper from the Chinese . They made books into art by using gold and small paintings . Bookmaking is a popular industry . Some types of books sold are the Qur'an ,and poetry.
Another type of writing is prose . Prose is the recording of events and history.A popular book is called A Thousand And One Nights which is a collection of stories . This collection came from many places such as India, the Middle East, and Persia.Stories such as Sinbad , Aladdin ,and Ali Baba. Mysticism is a type of religious routines , performances and rituals.

The impact

The impact Muslim literature has on us today is that people today such as the Qur'an.

A thousand and one nights

Nights 537–566

The First Voyage of Es-Sindibad of the Sea

KNOW, O master, O noble persons, that I had a father; a merchant, who was one of the first in rank among the people and the merchants, and who possessed abundant wealth and ample fortune. He died when I was a young child, leaving to me wealth and buildings and fields; and when I grew up, I put my hand upon the whole of the property, ate well and drank well, associated with the young men, wore handsome apparel, and passed my life with my friends and companions, feeling confident that this course would continue and profit me; and I ceased not to live in this manner for a length of time. I then returned to my reason, and recovered from my heedlessness, and found that my wealth had passed away, and my condition had changed, and all [the money] that I had possessed had gone. I recovered not to see my situation but in a state of fear and confusion of mind, and remembered a tale that I had heard before, the tale of our lord Suleyman the son of Da’ud (on both of whom be peace!), respecting his saying, Three things are better than three: the day of death is better than the day of birth; and a living dog is better than a dead lion; and the grave is better than the palace 1. Then I arose, and collected what I had, of effects and apparel, and sold them; after which I sold my buildings and all that my hand possessed, and amassed three thousand pieces of silver; and it occurred to my mind to travel to the countries of other people; and I remembered one of the sayings of the poets, which was this:—

In proportion to one’s labour, eminences are gained; and he who seeketh eminence passeth sleepless nights.

He diveth in the sea who seeketh for pearls, and succeedeth in acquiring lordship and good fortune.