Assistive Technology

Hannah Miller

Reading Trakker


Reading trakkers highlight one line at a time so students can focus more easily on what they're reading, ultimately improving fluency.

Helps with the following problems

- Skipping words/lines

- Reversing letters

- Losing your place

- Rereading lines

Very inexpensive, and very easy to make!

Large Print/Braille Ruler


Used for students who are blind or have low vision.

This ruler is half the size of an actual ruler, with larger numbers printed on it and braille.

Raised Line Paper


This paper is designed for students with learning disabilities, orthographic disabilities, or partial sight.

Used for individuals who have difficulties staying in the lines of regular writing paper. The paper gives immediate feedback as the writer is able to feel where they are writing. The line is also printed in a different color so it is easily able to distinguish between pencil marks.

The paper comes with wide ruled and college ruled paper. The wide ruled paper comes with a dotted line in the middle for younger students to be able to use as a guide formation.

Coin Abacus


Used as a visual when working with money. Great for students with autism and fine motor skill deficiencies.

When sliding a coin or dollar bill, the unit will speak back the total amount shown. If you move a coin right or left, the unit will add or subtract that value from the total amount. Each change made is then displayed on a large screen that is easy to read.

The coins on the unit are the actual size so the student can begin to decipher between the different coins.

Pencil Grips


Pencil grips provide finger support and proper grip on a pencil.

There are different shapes of pencil grips for the different supports needed for your students. --> Different grips

Go Talk Pro


Portable and easy to use communication aid.

6 message buttons.

Can use with any language and any vocabulary.

Includes 5 recording levels with 10 seconds recording time on all 30 messages.

Dynavox Maestro


Used for:

- Students who are unable to express their needs and opinions using speech, gestures, or body language.

- Students who are learning language, communication, or social skills.

This unit supports language development and successful everyday communication.

Students are able to communicate in a way that works best for them:

- Symbols, photos, words, letters, or even a combination of them.

PETA Push-Down Tabletop Scissors


Assists with:

- Weak grip

- Poor hand control

- Tremor

- One handed

Unit can be used by pushing down on the handle in one spot, or can be "scooted" across a table.

Braille 'n' Speak


Used for students with a visual impairment, or blind.

This device acts like a computer for students who are blind or have a visual impairment. It has the ability to save word processing files, function as a spell checker, clock, calendar, and calculator. Feedback to the student is given orally.

Pen Scanners


This is mostly used to assist students with dyslexia. To use, students should have decent fine-motor skills.

Using this unit is simple:

1. Slide pen scanner across the text you're trying to read.

2. Pen allows students to store the information into their computer. (Newer pens can

scan the text and read it back to the student.

The pen scanner recognizes over 50 different languages making it a great resource for ELL students.