Music Education, Focusing On Voice

All About Me

I turned 19 years old on January 8th.

I play the bassoon, tenor saxophone, and when I sing, I am a tenor.

I was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and I moved around a few times within that area until I moved to East Canton, Ohio in 2006. I graduated 4th in my class from East Canton High School. I am an Eagle Scout from Troop 36.

Things That I Love

  • My Family
  • My Friends
  • Singing
  • Life
  • My Wonderful Girlfriend, Alexis!!

Why Do I Want To Teach??

To give back. Singing broke me free of my shell. This outgoing fella used to be the definition of an introvert. When I was always down on myself, singing was always there to lighten my spirits and help me along. Now, It's finally my turn to return the favor and help folks find what I found.

Have I taught Before?

You bet I have! As I mentioned, I am an Eagle Scout, meaning that I was in Boy Scouts. For a series of summers, I worked at Seven Ranges Scout Reservation. There, I taught merit badges and all sorts of outdoor skills and knowledge to hundreds of 5-12 grade kids. I learned how to manage all sorts of different classes and crowds, while still managing to keep the content interesting and relevant.

To Wrap It All Up..

I am extremely excited to be starting my journey in to the world of education. I know that the road is long, and that the trail will be rough. However, I am ready for the challenge, because I am determined!