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About the Author: Walter Dean Myers

Walter Dean Myers was born in 1937. He had a speech problem when he was younger and always got teased. His teacher thought that if he wrote poems and short stories it would be easier for him to stop stuttering because he could relate to what he wrote. He realized later in life how much he enjoys writing. Myers dropped out of school at age 17 and joined the Army. He is the author of more than fifty books for children and young adults. Most of his novels are about teens and the challenges they face. Myers has won many awards, he is a two time winner of the Coretta Scott King Award and the Margaret A Edwards award. In 2012 he was named the National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature.
Will Reese get out of Progress Detention Center or will he be spending another 3 or 20 years in jail? Read Lockdown to see what happens!

Maurice (Reese) Anderson

Reese is a 15 year old boy who was put into a juvenile center for stealing prescription drug pads. He works at Evergreen nursing home as part of a work release program. Reese has a younger sister that he is going to try and make sure all her dreams come true. He is protective of younger kids in the center.


Toon is a 12 year old boy who was put into the detention center for not going to school and refusing to listen to anyone. He is shy and quiet. He gets bullied by others in the center. Toon was told by his parents that he was never as good as his brother. Toon tried to hang himself while he was in the detention center.

Mr. Hooft

Mr. Hooft is an eldery man at the nursing home that Reese was assigned to take care of. He doesn’t like Reese at first, but he finds himself sharing personal information with him about when he was held in a Japanese camp during WWII. He also shares stories about his difficult childhood. Mr. Hooft started a friendship with Reese.


Icy is Reese’s 9 year old sister. She has big dreams and a wild imagination. Reese gets his motivation for getting out of Progress by thinking of Icy and he wants to make sure she gets to go to college. His plans are to get a job and pay for his sister to go college.

A moving tale of a kid who may have made a mistake but who still deserves the modest future he seeks. Refreshingly avoids cliché.”

~Bulletin of the center for children's books (starred review)


~Kirkus Reviews

Myers creates a nuanced, realistic portrait of a teen dealing with incarceration and violence. Myers gets his voice just right.

~Voice of Youth Advocates
This story takes place in New York, it is split between time Reese spends in a juvenile detention center for troubled youths called, Progress and a nursing home called, Evergreen where Reese participates in a work release program a couple of days a week. The novel is told from Reese’s perspective.
LOCKDOWN, by Walter Dean Myers

Brief Summary

The story is about a fifteen year old boy named Reese that was sent to a juvenile detention center for stealing prescription note pads from a doctor’s office. Deep down Reese is a good kid, but he didn’t have the best family life and didn’t have a good role model around so he ended up making bad decisions. Reese is trying to get his life back on track by setting goals for himself. While in the detention center he gets chosen for a work release program. Reese meets many interesting people and starts to realize what kind of person he wants to be when he gets out of the center and he starts making plans as to how he will survive when he gets out.

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