Excretory System

By Gunnar Price, and Mark Spacco

What does the Excretory System do

The Excretory system removes waste from the body.

The 4 main organs of the Excretory System

1- Kidneys- Removes waste from the blood
2-Ureters- Moves the urine from the kidney to the bladder
3-Bladder- A saclike organ that stores urine
4-Urethra- Where the urine exits the bladder


During digestion, the blood of the intestinal villi picks up simple sugars and amino acids and, thus, has a much higher concentration of these substances than normal blood. If the excretory system shuts down then all of your other organs will start to shut down and you will most likely die unless you have a very good doctor and even if you see that doctor immediatly you could still die.


The excretory system interacts with the digestive and the nervous system. While digestion goes on without your control eating and using the restroom is under you control.When you digest food it has to go somewhere in which it goes to the excretory system and the excretory system removes it as waste from the body.