Theodore Roosevelt

How is he a Progressive Leader?

Teddy Roosevelt- A progressive leader

"A great democracy must be progressive or it will soon cease to be a great democracy."

Early Life

Born on 10/27/1858, he was the father of a business man, and a southern mother. When he was in his teens, he got into weight lifting. For school, he was tutored at home by private teachers. For college, he went to Harvard.

What makes them progressive?

He argued for greater government power over the economy.

He built a stronger navy.

He made the first wildlife preserve.

He supported muckrakers, and made laws to cut down on unfair business.

Major Acomplishments

During his life, he made many accomplishments. One of his accomplishments was getting accepted into Harvard for college. Another accomplishment he made was that he won a Nobel peace prize for negotiating peace in a war. Since he was the first to win the award, the medal had his face on it.

Why did i research him?

I researched him because he was a very energetic president, who succeeded in many aspects of his presidential career. He did many things in his own country, and even did things to help others