Why is art education so important.

A look at why art is important.

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Arts In School

According to an article that says, "As schools across the country have faced budget shortfalls in recent years, a common cost-cutting measure is to slash funding for arts education, prioritizing what are deemed more essential subjects such as math, reading, and science." The arts in school is diminishing as more essential classes in schools are being favored. Art is just as important to people as regular school subjects.

Art is life

Art is the life that give us drive and taking that away will in turn make us not creative and not want to pursue anything that is not creative. Arts will always be in our lives but we have to make an effort to have it in our lives. In school according to New York Times article, We should always try to find what art helps and don't dismiss what you may or may not help.

Why is art so important?

Art is important cause most kids use it as an escape. Some kids use it as an outlet for creativity and difference of perspective when most kids can't in other classes. Art gives us a sense of freedom. People use it in more ways than one.