The Five Foundations

Building Wealth

Save A $500 emergency fund

The First Foundation is The act of founding. A basis upon which something stands or is supported <the foundations of geometry> <the rumor is without foundation in fact>

Get Out Of Debt

The second foundation, getting out of debt, now this may be hard to do but rest assured in no time you'll be debt free. From what Dave Ramsey tells us to get out of debt your best choice is just to get rid of our credit cards and save money and pay for it in cash.

Pay Cash For Your Car

The third foundation, paying cash for your car, Dave Ramsey tells us to not borrow money from people, period. When you are purchasing a new car, you're actually losing money. Staying away from car payments by driving reliable used cars is what the typical millionaire does. That is how they became millionaires.

Pay Cash For College

The fourth foundation is gonna be a difficult one but done right you'll be a pro at it in no time. Paying for college is one of the most stressful things anyone can imagine. By believing that student loans are a "good debt' because they are a path to getting an education is a myth.

Build Wealth & Give

And for the fifth and final foundation, building wealth and give, you can and should save money for your emergency fund and purchases. Then, once you're sure that you have your post-secondary education paid for, you should begin to invest a portion of your income. By investing a portion of your money you're allowing your money to work for YOU! Now by giving back, you're not just helping others and making them happy, you're also making yourself feel good about what you have done.