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Come To The Royal Lunch

The royal family is having a gathering for lunch on February 30 at 12:45. Come to the royal lunch with the royal family, don't hesitate its free.

Location: Its at the castle in the king's lunch hall.

Time: Its on February 30 at 12:45AM

How To Make Baked Eggplant

First you want to buy fresh ripe eggplant for this dish. Once you do that what your'e gonna want to do is cut the stem off the eggplant.

Then you got to get white pepper,sea salt,ginger,paprika, and all spice. This will make it taste a lot better at the end.

After that you need to mix all of those spices together to form one great spice. Just mix it with a large mixing bowl.

Then you need to set the oven to bake at four hundred degrees Fahrenheit . It will take a long time to cook this dish. So be patient.

you will need a medium sized sauce pan. you need to add your spice to tomato sauce, add that all to a blender and blend.

You will need a small sized oven platter. Put the sauce and the eggplant on the platter and put that in the oven.

Let it cook for exactly 24 hours and 30 minutes. You could microwave it but it will taste a lot better this way.

When its ready you want to chop the eggplant and serve. Serve it on a large platter, with iced tea.