Scene for Unity

training about group leading, group and self awareness

We are looking for 2 participans from Romania.

- 18+, work as a trainers/social workers/youth workers/psychologists
- who are working with groups of socially unprivileged youth and aim to get new group leading tools and approach in their life and in their work.
- like to know more about the topics listed in planned themes
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4th June to 13th June, 2015


Bátonyterenye, Hungary


The project is funded by the Erasmus+ program, together covering 100% of all travel fees, as well as all food and accommodation. There is a participation fee of 50 EUR for all countries.

Aims and tools

- Developing social sensitivity of underprivileged youth and youth workers amongst difficult situations
- Helping them develop their social and cognitive competencies
- Involving youth with different social back ground makes it possible to understand the concept of integration and realize the channels for knowledge sharing

improvization techniques (non- verbal, movement, expression)
drama and theatre practices
group leading skills
experiential education techniques
supervision of real cases

Comtact for more info

Blizik Anitta- Picur

Application deadline - 15th May 2015.