Tomahawk Essentials

October 12, 2015

Get the 411...Information at a Glance

Week at a Glimpse


10:40 Fire Drill

12:00-1:00 Monthly Feeder School Meeting (Christy out of the Building)


9:00-11:30 Monthly Principal Meeting (Christy out of the building)

12:30-1:30 Special Services Chew and Chat (Christy out of the building)

Wednesday: Pink & Jeans

9:30-10:00 Special Services Meeting

1:30-2:00 Special Services Meeting

4:30-8:30 Conferences


11:00-8:00 Conferences

4:00-6:00 Dinner is served


No School

Administrator Evaluation Survey

As part of my administrative evaluation the district asks that each staff member complete a survey that asks questions over the following areas of leadership:

  • Commitment to students, staff and their learning
  • Instructional leadership
  • Safe and positive climate for learning- Management strategies
  • Managing resources
  • Commitment to life long learning
  • Working with stakeholders- Communication with others
  • Working with stakeholders-Interactions with others

Please complete the survey by Friday, October 16.

Building Inclusive Classrooms Series

The OPS SPED Department is hosting a series of professional development opportunities for teachers. Learn More...

October Safety Snippet

The October Safety Snippet is attached.

ESU Educator Open House

We are excited to announce our Educator Open House on November 5th!

At Emporia State University – Kansas City, we provide educational opportunities to members of the Kansas City Community. This year marks our ten year celebration of being at our Overland Park location. Our upcoming Educator Open House showcases all of the ways one can make a difference with a career in education. Learn more...

Let it G.L.O.W. ~ Generate Loads of Wonder

Weekly Wonders

Monday: How can I become a millionaire?

Tuesday: Why are roads slippery when wet?

Wednesday: What is a Transformer?

What's Trending...

Emaze is a web-based presentation tool, which means that, like with Prezi, you create your presentations online, store them there, and can share them from anywhere with internet access.

Suggested Uses:

  • Have students give presentations and reports with emaze.
  • Record an emaze presentation with a voice-over for use as an instructional video, a video yearbook, or a promotional video for a school, district, or classroom.
  • Have students use emaze to assemble art, writing, or music portfolios.
  • Create your own lectures and presentations with emaze.

Kagan Korner

The Kagan Structure for October is Round Robin.

Directions for Round Robin can be found in the link above. Please incorporate this structure in your lesson plans for October