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Here's the Weekly Update for Thayer Campus

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No School

There will be no school April 17-21 for April Break.

From the Thayer Health Office

School physicals and mental health appointments are available for free through Gratis Healthcare.

Gratis Healthcare offers in person and telehealth medical appointments for children and adults in Framingham.

Their website is available in Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

To make an appointment, visit:


How do I get to school?

If you need a bus to come to school, please notify the main office. Busses are only available in the morning.

Students are able to walk, bike, or drive to school if not taking the bus. Bikes can be locked up along the fence, and students can park in the back parking lot.

What should I bring to school?

Thayer will supply everything you need to fully engage in school. You do not need any supplies, and you will receive a chromebook while at school. Please do not bring anything other than yourself!

What is expected of me?

All students are expected to participate in in--person learning this school year. Remote learning is no longer an option for students. Learning expectations for each class will be discussed with teachers during the first day of school and all students will be expected to follow Thayer Learning Expectations, which will be shared and reviewed with all students. All school and classroom expectations follow the District Code of Character, Conduct, and Support.

What if I have extra credits I need to make up?

Credit recovery time is built into the end of the day, everyday. It is a time that students can ask questions of their teachers and get extra help. If students have a question or need extra help with class material, they should talk to their teacher to schedule time at the end of the day. There are also students who have extra independent classes to make up lost credits, and this is the time to work on those classes and access teachers for support. This will be done on an individual basis and students should reach out to teachers to discuss.

Annual Health Information

Reminder! Please complete our Annual Health Information Form linked here:

Annual Health Information which lets us know your medication preferences AND so our Nurse can administer over the counter medication for your child as needed this year!

What if I don't want my photo used by FPS?

We are excited to have our students back in school and look forward to keeping you updated with our in-school activities and programs. If you DO NOT give Framingham Public Schools permission to use your child’s name, image, or school work in any public display or presentation, please complete one digital Google Form for each child in your household (Photo / Video Opt-Out | Exclusión de foto/video | Formulário de Exclusão de Mídia (Foto/Vídeo) or you can print, sign, and return the form(s) listed below.

If you choose to use the paper version, please return the completed form to the Thayer main office.