The Bengal Beat

Don't Miss a Beat (04/24/2022)

Week 33

Good Afternoon!

I hope that everyone was able to enjoy the beautiful warm weather this weekend- It felt like summer! There are only 6 weeks left of this school year. That is so hard to believe!

It has been brought to my attention that there is a "new" tik tok called Huggy Wuggy. There is a parent and police warning about how students are recreating these videos on the playground. Please make sure that you are monitoring your children and what they are watching on social media. We have heard students trying to give each other tight hugs and calling it a Huggy Wuggy.

During morning carpool, it is VERY IMPORTANT that if you are in the outside lane- DO NOT let your children out of the vehicle unless an adult is there to open the door and safely escort them across to the sidewalk.

Congratulations to our 4th and 5th grade basketball team on a great season! They won the first round at the tournament. They played their hearts out in the second round , but lost to DH, who went on to win the Championship. Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Nuckolls, as well as Mrs. Toombs for coaching and spending so much time teaching our students basketball and what it means to be a good teammate.

Tuesday, April 26, is Rolladium Night sponsored by the PTO 6:30-8:30! Cost is $7.00

We encourage students to have a water bottle at school. Our drinking fountains are back open but it was much easier for your child to have water in the classroom and helps on limiting the disruptions to class.

If your family is in need of a COVID19 Test, we have a supply of them at school. Please do not hesitate to ask for one if you think your child or family member may need one. Please contact the main office.

FUN Spring Picture Day is Friday, April 29th. Brochures will be sent home in your child's backpack.

Summer is right around the corner! In order to get ready for our amazing summer reading program we are looking for book donations of new/gently used books that will go home with students over the summer. This is a great time to purge during some spring cleaning! We are also having a healthy competition to see what grade level can bring in the most donated books. I will work with teachers to determine a fun activity to do with the grade level that wins.

We are in still need of new or gently used pants for little girls sizes 5-6 and 7-8. We also need new socks and underwear for accidents and playground mishaps. If you want to donate any of these items, please feel free to drop off in the main office.

STEAM Summer Camp

It is hard to believe we are already talking "summer"! Attached below is the flyer for summer STEAM Camp for more information.

Important Upcoming Dates

May 20th: End of Year Party 5pm-7pm

May 26th: Learning Fair (Tentative Date)

May 27th: Half Day

May 30th: No School (Memorial Day)

June 3rd: Oakland Yard (5th Grade Only)

June 10th: Half Day (Last Day of School)

Preschool Information

PTO Update

Spirit Wear is now on sale! Click this link to order. 5th grade spirit wear is soon to come!

The Beaumont Elementary PTO raises money to fund FIELD TRIPS, ASSEMBLIES, SUPPLIES, CLASSROOM AND BUILDING ACTIVITIES, and much, much, much more!

School Hour Times

  • Start Time – 8:45 AM Drop off is NOT allowed before 8:35 AM

  • Full-Day Dismissal – 3:57 PM

  • Thursday Dismissal- 2:57 PM

  • Half-Day Dismissal – 11:57 AM

Important Links for Beaumont Families:

Click on the links below for further information

Previous Announcements

* There has been many students in the last month that have brought various toys to school. Although we tried to allow this at recess time only, it has begun to be a problem on the playground. Students are trading items, losing items, conflicts are arising, etc. Starting on Monday, we are asking the toys are not sent to school. Students will not be allowed to bring or play with toys at school. This includes bop-its, stuffed animals, various fidgets. If you are unsure if a child can bring a certain item to school, please check with your classroom teacher before sending.

* We have had an increased use of cell phones at school. In our district Code of Conduct it states that students may possess cell phones on school property but that all cell phones must be turned off and stored out of sight during school hours. At Beaumont, cell phones must stay in backpacks at all times. This includes, lunch and recess and waiting for bus or parent pickup after school. Unauthorized cell phone use at school can and will result in device confiscation and the device will be returned to the parent only.

* Please stay in your cars when you are dropping off or picking up your students. It is for the safety of our students and staff to have the least amount of foot traffic in the parking lot as possible.

* Make two lanes in carpool and pull as far forward as possible. We will walk your student to your car.

* Be kind to our staff working the carpool line. They are there to make sure that you get in and out of the parking lot as quickly and as safely as possible.

* All lower elementary students should have a change of clothes to keep in their locker including an extra pair of socks and under garments. It is also helpful to have older children to have a change of clothes for days that they may get dirty or forget that it is their PE day.

PBL in Waterford

Click here to watch a video on Waterford's dedication to Project Based Learning!

Free Breakfast and lunch for 2021-2022

Under the National School Lunch Act, 42 USC 1761(a)(8), Waterford Public Schools food authorities will provide breakfast and lunch at no cost, through the SSO ( Seamless Summer Option)

Allowing school food authorities to participate under SSO during COVID–19 operations during the regular school year facilitates the safe provision of meals by eliminating the need to collect meal payments, including cash payments, at meal sites. This speeds up service of meals, thereby reducing contact and potential exposure to COVID–19. It also facilitates implementation of the Oakland County Health Department and Prevention recommendations for safe school meal service, which include serving meals outdoors or in classrooms.

If there’s any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Michael Williams

Food and Nutrition Director

Waterford Public Schools

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Please be patient and kind in the carpool line :)


Car Riders:

  • Please do not drop students off early. Doors will open at 8:35 and students will go directly to their classrooms.

  • Students stay in the car until the car pulls into the unloading zone of their assigned door. If multiple students, please stop at each assigned door.

  • Several staff members will be outside assisting students and helping to direct cars.

  • Parents need to stay in the vehicle at ALL times.

  • If parent needs to exit the vehicle for any reason, please park your vehicle in the lot so the carpool line moves as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

  • Remember, at this time, parents are not allowed in the building.


  • Walkers cannot arrive before 8:35 AM

  • Students will enter the school through the assigned door for their teacher.

  • If students arrive early, they must wait in line (socially distanced if needed) until 8:35 AM

Students will not be marked tardy while staff is on duty working this system. Once we all enter the building (8:45 AM) students will need to use the main entrance buzzer to enter the building and sign in. At that time, they will be considered tardy.

If you have the following teachers, you will drop off at Door #4

  • Miss. Berklich (K)
  • Mrs. Elton (K)
  • Ms. Engel (1st)
  • Mrs. Thompson (1st)

If you have the following teachers, you will drop off at Door #6

  • Mrs. Hornbacher (2nd)
  • Mrs. Isgrigg (2nd)
  • Mrs. McGrath (2nd)
  • Mrs. Brokaw (3rd)
  • Miss. Schafer (4th)
  • Ms. Robertoy (4th)

If you have the following teachers, you will drop off at Door #7

  • Ms. Reyburn (3rd)
  • Mrs. Thorell (5th)
  • Mrs. Nuckolls (5th)
  • Miss. Molina (TC)


  • Buses will arrive to the bus loop

  • One bus will unload at a time.

  • Students will enter through the media center door (Door # 2) and then walk directly to their classroom.

  • Staff will be available to assist students outside and inside the building.



  • Will leave at 3:55 PM


  • Bussers will stay in a grade level classroom with a supervising adult until their bus arrives at the school.

  • When bus arrives, an announcement will be made and bussers will line up and walk to the bus. There will be supervising adults in the hallways, at the bus loop and assisting younger students to the bus.

  • Remember, cell phones are not allowed to be used at this time.

Car Pick Up:

  • Parents must stay in their vehicle

  • Parents will get a school-made sign to put in their passenger side windshield with student name, teacher name and grade printed on it. These will be passed out the first day of school or at Meet and Greet. Each family will get two signs.

  • A staff member at carpool entrance (near main entrance) will have radios to communicate to have students ready at the same door as drop off - see above. If you have multiple students, please make sure all signs are visible.

  • This process may take longer at the beginning of the year as teachers are getting to know and recognize parents and vehicles. Please have picture ID readily available if needed.