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Dreams Become Reality in the Falcon Information Center


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Visiting the Falcon Information Center


The library is open Monday through Friday from 8:00-3:15, unless school is not in session. On certain occasions, the library may have to be closed due to library events and/or due to other school/library activities that require media staff to be in attendance. In the event that the library has to be closed an email will be sent.

It is in the process of being determined whether there is a need for library hours beyond the normal school day. If you would be interested in using the library outside of the hours listed above, please click this Survey.

Students must Sign-In and Sign-Out each time they visit the Media Center. Staff members you can view Media Center Usage in SID by clicking on Student Data. You can search by individual student and/or by teacher. This sign-in process automatically dates and time stamps each student's entrance and exit and helps us document how the media center is being utilized.


Individual students who wish to visit the Media Center must:

  • Have an INDIVIDUAL signed pass from their teacher. Students should not share passes.
  • Show their passes to media staff at the Circulation Desk
  • Sign-in and Sign-out at the stations provided.
  • Whenever possible, students should "pre-select" books using our Library Catalog in an effort to protect instructional time.
  • Students who come without passes will be sent back to class.
  • If students are visiting for reasons other than book checkout, please indicate it on the pass.
  • Students should not come to the Media Center for Chromebook repairs or technology issues, unless Mr. Harrell calls for them. When in need of repairs or technical assistance, students need to complete the Student Chromebook Work Request form. Students should wait for Mr. Harrell to call them down when repairs are completed.

Teachers should send no more than two students at a time to check out books.

Students who do not adhere to library policies and procedures will be asked to return to the classroom and their library privileges may be revoked.


Entire class events and special programs must be planned in advance and approved by Ms. Sauls a minimum of 48 hours prior to the day of the activity/event (i.e. class book checkout, testing, research, special events/programs). Teachers should arrive with classes and monitor them throughout their stay in the Media Center.

Activities that require teaching/collaboration on the part of the media staff will require a minimum of 72 hours notice and will require the completion of this Collaborative Planning Form to ensure that lesson goals and standards will be met. Please note that the earlier you schedule an event, the more accommodating the library staff can be.

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Circulation Procedures

  • All media center materials must be checked out at the circulation desk.
  • Students may have up to two books checked out at a time. Students who have lost books and/or owe library fines will be unable to check out materials until books are returned and/or fines are paid.
  • There is a two-week loan period. Books can be renewed after the loan period has expired online via Destiny Quest or in person at the circulation desk.
  • Reference materials are for library use only.
  • Return checked out materials using the drop box at the circulation desk. To ensure student accounts are cleared properly do not return books directly to library shelves.
  • Patrons are responsible for all items checked out in their name. Materials should be returned promptly and in good condition. Fines will be assessed for any lost or damaged materials. Fines for damaged materials will be assessed based on the cost of repair up to and including replacement.
  • Periodically students may receive overdue notices through 1st block classes.
  • Fines can be paid at the circulation desk. Bring cash and the exact amount of the fine.
  • Borrowing privileges can be denied in the case of students exhibiting improper library manners and/or in the event that students have overdue materials and/or they have not paid for lost or damaged books.
  • Students who have lost books and/or owe fines can be denied campus privileges and/or have their diploma withheld until books are returned or fines are paid.
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Dream big, be respectful, treat books and each other kindly, clean up after yourself, always bring books back, ask questions, work hard, no food or drink, think outside the box, log off of computers when finished, use manners, collaborate, try new things, explore, take risks, use indoor voices, be creative, choose to do what is right and believe in yourself.

Teachers should accompany classes to the Media Center, model and reinforce library expectations, and provide support during their classes' time in the library.

The Falcon Information Center is an extension of the learning environment. As such, all school rules will be enforced and students who visit should have an instructional purpose.

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NCWISE OWL (See Teacher/Media Center staff for password)

Teen Reads (Book Recommendations and more)

Goodreads (Book Recommendations)


In order to protect instructional time, students do not have to visit the Media Center to print. Once students have finished and edited their work, have students complete this Student Printing Request Form FOR FORMAL CLASSROOM ASSIGNMENTS THAT REQUIRE PRINTING. Documents will be printed at the end of each school day and returned to the teacher who gave the assignment. The documents will be placed in the teacher's mailbox. Students are responsible for submitting their request in time to meet classroom deadlines.


Teachers, please do not send students to the Media Center to make copies of classroom materials. It is important that students not miss valuable classroom time performing clerical duties. In addition, please do not ask FIT team members to run errands or make copies for you. They are responsible for completing MTIS course requirements during their time in the library. Unless there is an emergency, teachers should plan to make their own copies.


Prior to checkout, students must pay the usage fee. In addition, they must not owe any fines and they must have a signed Acceptable Use form on file.

In the event that their Chromebook should need repair, students should not report to the library. Instead, students should complete the Student Chromebook Work Request Form. This form can also be accessed on the high school's webpage under links. Once the form is completed, Mr. Harrell is notified. He will call the student to the library when he is able to make repairs. Students will be called to the library once repairs have been completed.

Students are responsible for the care of their Chromebooks. In the event of damage, they are responsible for fines.


Students who do not wish to "rent" a Chromebook from the school are expected to bring their own computing device from home; however, before their devices will "speak" to our Internet they will need to complete the "Bring Your Own Device" form. This form is linked to the BHS website under links. Once the form is completed, students need to wait for Mr. Harrell to call for them so that he can add the necessary certificates.


Teachers who need any technical assistance should also complete the Technology Work Request. This form is located on the BCS Website under Web Resources. It is important that this form is completed for many reasons. 1. It provides you with faster service. All our technicians work for multiple schools. Completing the form allows them to plan their day in such a way that the closest technician can assist you. 2. The form documents how much work the technician is doing. Documentation of requests could help support the need for more technicians which again gets everyone's needs met faster. 3. It also allows us to see where Equipment needs are and could justify the need for new purchases. Our forms are there not to take up your time, but to make us more efficient in meeting your needs.


The Media staff does not have access to student NCEdCloud information. If students are having trouble accessing NCEdCloud, they will need to see a teacher to reset their passwords. Teachers, please check your email for Information on how to reset student accounts and a video tutorial that will help you in the process. New students will need to claim their accounts before they can access their information. If students can log into NCEdCloud, but receive an error message when they attempt to log into PowerSchool, please contact Mrs. M. Spivey or Mrs. E. White for assistance.


Staff members that need items laminated for school use will need to see Mrs. Sauls. Items are usually laminated within 24 hours.


Flip Cameras, Projectors, Document Cameras. You are responsible for any items checked out in your name.


Click here to view the DVDs that we have available for staff checkout.


Let us help you get the word out. Please send news, announcements, pictures, etc to Ms. Sauls so that the amazing things that are happening in our school can be shared. Information will be shared in the Media Slide Show that displays in the library and in the cafeteria. In addition, where appropriate your news will be shared on our school's web and Facebook pages.


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What is MTIS all about?

The Media Technology and Information Services (MTIS) class strives to provide students interested in a career in information services such as librarians, technologists, and educators, with on the job experiences that will help them build a solid resume with concrete skills and experiences that will make them more marketable to colleges and future employers. The students in this class are part of the Falcon Information Team (FIT) and as such are ambassadors for the Falcon Information Center, 21st Century Literacies, and digital learning.

Students apply to take this course and go through an Interview. They must have teacher recommendations and must be in excellent academic standing with no behavior issues. It is important to note that students in this course, complete course content and receive course credit. They are not merely assistants who perform clerical duties. They have daily assignments that they are responsible for completing in addition to library duties. There are 3 levels to this course. Juniors and Seniors who wish to apply should see Ms. Sauls. Click the link above for more information.

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The Falcon Information Center will host many fun events, activities, and challenges throughout the school year. Be sure to read the Media Buzz Newsletter and check your Email often for details on how you can participate.
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Join TAG and Make a Difference in Your School

You can help turn the Falcon Information Center into the place of your applying to join our Teen Advisory Group (TAG). No one knows what teens want better than teens! TAG members will help select new books and magazines, create flyers and other promotional materials, design book displays, assist in writing the media newsletter, suggest new library programs and reading challenges, write book reviews, make book trailers, and much more! TAG is a way you can make a difference! Click on the link above to apply for the opportunity to join our group. Applicants will be notified via email if they are selected to join TAG. Prior to attending meetings, selected students will need to turn in a teacher recommendation and parent permission form.

High School Battle of the Books Coming Soon!

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Brought to you by: Mary M. Sauls, Media Coordinator at Bertie High School and Bertie Stem Academy.