Traditions of our school

There are a lot of traditions in our school!

School is not only learning!

A school year is nine months long and it`s full of events! Many of them became traditions because they happen every year on the same dates. Some traditions are similar in all Belarusian schools: The Day of Knowledge, The School Birthday, Health Day, The Last Bell, Graduation Day, The New Year Ball, Reunion Day.

The day of Knowledge.

The school year starts on September, 1. This day is special for all: school children, their teachers and parents. The day starts with the school gathering when all classes and teachers stand in front of the school and listen to the welcoming speeches of their teachers, schoolmates, parents. Students look really nice in their new school uniforms. Every one is excited to see their school friends and teachers after long summer holidays.

The Last Bell

Pupils and teachers like this tradition very much because a school year is over and it is a good chance to to have a rest after a whole year of hard work or study. The day starts with the school gathering when all classes and teachers stand in front of the school. This day is very important for our school-leavers! They are very beautiful and happy because they almost finish our school and soon school life will be just a memory.

Health Day

Every year in September we have the opportunity to show our athletic skills and abilities during our Sports Day. Though we have sports weeks every season this day is also among our favourite school traditions. There is a wide range of activities. It opens with a running race. Then we have competitions in different sports, we play sports games, run, jump,climb a wall. Everyone from the 1th to the 11th class takes part in some events. The day finishes with a Closing ceremony where winnersget their prises.

Reunion Day

In Belarus it`s on the first Saturday in February. On this day people meet their teachers and classmates. They usually meet at school. There`s often a concert in the Assembly Hall. People give flowers to their teachers and say speechers. After it, groups of classmates often go to cafes. They talk a lot about their school.

Unique traditions

Weighlifting competitions

Our gymnasium is famous for its school-graduate Alexandr Dedushko. He was a famous actor. He died in a car accident with his family. He liked sports very much. His favourite sport was weighlifting that is why in our gymnasium sport competitions are held. This day pupils compete in weighlifting and athletics.

Сonsecrating into gymnasts

At the end of a school year all pupils of the 4th forms pass exams to enter the gymnasium. That is why there is one tradition "Consecrating into gymnasts". At the begining of a school year all pupils of the fifth forms prepare presentations of their classes. They can sing, dance, play musical instruments. After this program pupils get commemorative booklets where they can find rules of behavior. And badges with the amblem of our gymnasium and with a name and a surname of a pupil.