William Blount

By: Allie Arechigo

William Blounts Life

  • William Blount was born to his mother and father

  • He grew up and was born in Windsor North Carolina on March 26th, 1746

  • He has 2 siblings, Willie and Thomas Blount

  • He is the grandson of Thomas Blount

  • Had a very good education

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His Role in the Revoluntionary War and Continental Congress

  • He represented North Carolina
  • He arrived about a month late
  • Didn't do anything but sit there and talk only a little
  • He reluctantly signed the constitution
  • He didn't believe in being there

After the War

  • He got married to Mary Grainer in 1778
  • They had 6 children together
  • He enlisted as a paymaster in the North Carolina forces
  • He spent most of the remainder of his life in the public office
  • He was in the upper and lower class of the North Carolina legislatur
  • He died on March 21st, 1800 in Knoxville, Tenessee
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