Cyberbullying- a big topic of our life, it happens everyday, most of us know about bullying, but cyber bullying is a new way that is more affect than common bullying! So what is cyrberbullying? In short, Cyberbullying is the use of technology to harass, threaten, embarrass, or target another people. Nowadays, we are living in the age of technology , we use computers, laptops, Ipads, cell phones...anywhere, anytime, it helps our lives more convenient. But in the other way, it's the main way for the bullies bully someone. In some situation, cyberbullying is considered harassment, that means it harasses, annoy others. It is against the law in many states. The cyberbullying can be easier to commit because the bully doesn't have to confront the target.

So what is the consequence of cyberbullying? with the people who being bullied, they will get stress, upset, or fear can lead to problems with mood, sleep, and appetite...With the person who bullies, the punishment can be serious. School may kick bullies of sports teams or suspend them from school. The bully may face serious legal trouble.

Most people know when they are being bullied, thought, because bullying involves relentless insults or threats. It's not a joke or insult- it is constant harassment and threats.

What we have to do to avoid being bullying? Most experts agree - tell someone- is the first thing we need to do! There is no reason to suffer in silence. Talk with your parent, or someone you can trust. But bullying can escalates, so speak up until you find someone to help. You also talk with you counselors or trusted teacher. They will help you! other way is walk away. If you see some thing upsetting, try to step away from the computer or turn off your phone for a while. Walking a break when you are faced with online bullying gives you some space so you won't be tempted to fire back a response or engage with the bully or bullies. It is good idea to save evidence of the bullying if you can, it can helps you prove your case, if needed. Or you can report bullying to your service provider. If you are being harassed by someone sending you mean texts or emails, you can complain to phone service or email providers, maybe they can help you fix your problems. You should block the bully or bullies from sending notes. In your side, try to be safe online. Such as change your password often. It's very important to think before sharing personal information or photos that you don't want the other to see.

We already known about the Cyberbullying. So don't be a bully! It is harmful for you and others. Do not bring sorrow to both.....If you know your friend is a bully, talk to him, tell him about the consequences....Do what you can to build a bully-free environment.


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