Dating abuse and how to get out

Steps and more

Signs of an abusive relationship forming

Needing constant contact. Constant texting, calling, long phone calls, needing to know exactly where you are at every moment.

Jealously without reason. Getting over attached and accusing of cheating. This is not love expressing itself, its Angry Attachment.

Early commitment. They have a desire to marry, move in together, have a child etc. The aggressor want total control.

Secretivness. Hiding things from their partner. Creating a reality that does not exist.

Steps to get out

Recognize various forms of abuse.
  • Physical Abuse is hitting, pushing, or any other forms of physical assult
  • Emotial Abuse is humilating you, controlling behavior
  • Sexual Abuse is forcing to have intercourse or intimacy.

End Relationship

  • Get away from the abuser
  • End all contact with the abuser

Make plans to get away

  • Stay with a friend
  • Contact a lawyer
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Who are affected by this?

49% of all people have been affected by abusive relationship. Men and women of all ages can be affected, even children and younger people.

Sexual Abuse semms to be the most seen. Teens and adults are affected by this kind of abuse and is hard to escape.

All dating abuse is long term because it stays with that person forever. No matter the physical or mental abuse, it stays with them

Why is this an issue for teens?

  • Studies have shown that dating abuse has gone up in th past 10 years. WHY? We think the sourse of the problem is with in side the relationship. People want control and power so they use it through abuse to their partner.
  • Ways we can stop this from accuring?
  1. use respectful language
  2. Challenge the stereotypes
  3. Define what you want in a relationship
  4. Respect yourself and others
  5. Be a positive role model

Local help

  • Adults protective services