October 14, 2016

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Help Needed for Outdoor Spaces

Gwin Oaks Parents, we need your help! Our school is very lucky to have beautiful outdoor spaces where our children can learn and play. Many of you may have seen our courtyards, where we invite parents to join their kids for lunch. We also use the courtyards for one-on-one reading time and other learning opportunities. Beyond our courtyards, we have an outdoor classroom. The outdoor classroom has a long history of being a great place for lessons on science and the outdoors. Sadly, our teachers haven't used the outdoor classroom in a few years because it hasn't been maintained.

The county does not maintain these special green spaces at Gwin Oaks, so it falls to us, the Gwin Oaks community of parents, to pitch in and keep these spaces usable and attractive.

Please join us for a work day on Saturday, November 12th, from 8:00 am until 12:00 pm. Please bring your work gloves, spades, weed eaters and hedge trimmers. We know Saturdays are busy days, so we welcome you to drop in anytime between 8:00 and 12:00.

The class with the largest parent turn-out will earn a pizza party!

Reflections Winners

Congratulations to our artists who will represent Gwin Oaks ES at the county level on November 13th at Parkview HS.


Photography - 1st - Sadie Paul

Visual Arts - 1st - Isabell Zhong


Photography - 1st - Benjamin Hogard

Photography - 2nd - Sunny Lee Alsobrook

Visual Arts - 1st - Benjamin Hogard

Visual Arts - 2nd - Ethen Tseggai

Honorable Mention - Laney Stephenson

Literature - 1st - Connor Hudson

Literature - 2nd - Aleeza Thakker


Photography - 1st - John Hogard

Visual Arts - 1st - Kevin Jojo

Visual Arts - 2nd - Eva Mallory

Honorable Mention - Anna Mallory

Literature - 1st - Ashley Jones


Photography - 1st - Paige Johnson

Photography - 2nd - Lilly Petersen

Visual Arts - 1st - Natalia Hadula

Visual Arts - 2nd - Anna Yoon

Honorable Mention - Taylor Peterman

Literature - 1st - Anishka Trehan

Film/Video - 1st - Daniel Moreda


Photography - 1st - Lily Curtis

Photography - 2nd - Kristen Bright

Honorable Mention - Slater Alsobrook

Visual Arts - 1st - Lily Curtis

Visual Arts - 2nd - Hadia Alkhafaji

Honorable Mention - Gabby Lim

Literature - 1st - Aditi Nair


Photography - 1st - Lillibeth Mallory

Photography - 2nd - Scarlett Simmon

Visual Arts - 1st - Alika Otero Ricalde

Visual Arts - 2nd - Pramiti Vora

Honorable Mention - Alika Otero Ricalde

Honorable Mention - Emely Molina

Literature - 1st - Evana Tseggai

Literature - 2nd - Pramiti Vora

Honorable Mention - Theogracia Alese

Honorable Mention - Bimisola Dairo

Film/Video - 1st - Praise Oladiti

Film/Video - 2nd - Austin Mimms

Honorable Mention - Danielle Stivers

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Once again we are collecting Box Tops and Campbell’s Soup Labels to earn money for our Media Center which will be used to purchase new equipment. We will randomly pick a winner each month from all of the Box Tops and Soup Labels that are turned in for the month. To be included in the monthly drawings, please make sure to turn in any Box Tops or Soup Labels by the last Friday of each month. The winner will be announced in the following week’s newsletter.

In May 2017, we will have 1 grand prize winner for the student who has turned in the most Box Tops and Soup Labels (the Box Tops and Soup Labels are counted together) for this school year. We will have a winner for each grade that has turned in the most for their grade and also, the class that turns in the most Box Tops and Soup Labels for the school year will win a prize for their teacher!

Important: Please send your labels or Box Tops in a plastic zip lock bag with your child’s name, teacher’s name and grade neatly printed on a piece of paper inside the bag. This is really important so that I can make sure your child gets credit for their submitted labels and Box Tops. Please trim along the dotted lines on the Box Top or Soup Labels as it helps us get them processed much faster. Unfortunately, we cannot accept Box Tops that have expired or are missing the expiration date.

If you have any questions, please contact Sharon Kosmala, 404-661-8907 or email at

technology news

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cookieman FUNDRAISER

New Date for Product Pick Up

Product pick up for the CookieMan Fundraiser will be November 9. Parents, please pick up orders between 3:15 PM - 6:30 in the GYM.


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5th Grade Recognition Yearbook Ad


It’s time to order your 5th grade yearbook ad. Create a special note to your child that will be included in the back of the yearbook. All ads are 1/8 of a page and cost $30.00. The ads will be designed by you! You will easily create your Recognition Ad using the Pictavo online software. We only have 30 ad spaces. Ads will be filled on a 1st come, 1st returned basis as Recognition Ads are purchased online. Ads must be submitted by January 31st.

​This cost is in addition to ordering a yearbook!!!

Any questions, you may contact

GCPS Information

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Gwin Oaks Elementary

400 Gwin Oaks Drive

Lawrenceville, GA 30044

Elementary 770-972-3110

The mission of the faculty and staff of Gwin Oaks Elementary is to facilitate a safe and supportive environment where excellence in learning for all children results in responsible

and productive citizens and lifelong learners.