The Kakoda Challenge


the kokoda challenge is a 96 km walk made in world war 2 and was walked to raise money for a hospital, by an extremely brave and determined girl, Chloe

Chloe, had dreams to compete in the olympics but suddenly everything for her had changed , When she found herself in the hospital after suffering a severe car crash with injuries to her stomach , leg and head

Chloe was told she would spend 9 - 10 months in hospital to recover but she was determined to change that. Chloe managed to leave the hospital after 3 months in a healthy condition

16 months after Chloe left hosptal, she was informed about the kokoda challenge to complete with her dad to raise money for the hospital and say thank you to all the doctors and nurses that helped her recover and of course she was succesfull

As we can all see, Chloe was strong, brave, determined , succesfull and much more, some one we can all look up to !